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  1. Day 9: Applied 3rd application, 10 minutes, 3 layers.
  2. Day 7: No peeling, no new breakouts, I am noticing more even skin tone for some reason or it could just be one of those good days.
  3. Day 5: No new breakouts, face look tight and clean. No peeling, no drying, I really wished this made me peel...maybe I need something stronger.
  4. Day 4: Applying 2nd time, left it on for 7-8 mins, I recorded whole procedure this time http://youtu.be/f1vEUQyNPVs
  5. Already am, I also have a log here http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/331736-salicylic-acid-20-peel-malevideo/
  6. Day 2: No noticeable peel, pores on my nose looks tighter, no new breakouts.
  7. Sorry if I pronounced medical terms incorrectly in my video Just wanted to share my experience with acne.org. I have used acne.org regimen in the past (2 years ago) and it did work for my face. but the whole regimen took to much out of my time and I felt like my life started evolving around it which I hated. My acne type is mostly blackheads. I get ridiculous amount of blackheads all over my face, and very deep. They sometimes take so long to penetrate the skin which leaves my skin lo