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  1. Hopeful, I am so happy for you that you sought out help. That is a huge step. I also was seeing a psychologist for a few months when I became severely depressed. And I'm so happy that your acne is under control from the Accutane. It's always nice to hear success stories. I'm going to my Derm on Monday to add a little more filler to the area. My husband and I will be trying for a baby soon and I want the area to look decent before I get pregnant since I can't do any treatments while pregnant.
  2. that's because you're limiting yourself to so many options out there What do you suggest? Not sure where to go from here.
  3. I wanted to just give an update since it will be ONE YEAR next month since this occurred. I haven't been on the site in a long time because I noticed it was giving me more anxiety about my issue. Anyway.....I did 6 rounds of the saline. It has helped. But my atrophy is not 100% healed. I'm sure I need to do 3-6 more saline injections and probably combine it with laser for better improvement. However, I'm not ready to start treatments again. They are very stressful to me. I noticed, once I stopp
  4. So I'm on my placebo week of my birth control. And I'm thinking about not refilling it for next week and just go for it. And pray that the sprionolactone will help.
  5. Yeah I completely agree. However, being on the pill for years shouldn't make you have fertility issues. I know several women who were on the pill for yearssssss and got pregnant after one month being off it. My OBGYN also says it doesn't make it harder to get pregnant once you stop it. Who knows though! I swear, I don't know who or what to believe anymore ya know?
  6. I don't have any side effects with BC. I don't think I ever have actually! The spironolactone does have side effects for some people. When I first started taking it, like the first few weeks, I felt kinda funky. Hard to explain. But just more tired. You have to drink a TON of water though. So I am always using the restroom! But it's worth it !! And on a good note, I feel like its settled some of my anxiety since its a low dose blood pressure med!
  7. Yes, I am on both. I've been on the pill forever. Which is why I want to get off. But....sprionolactone supposedly works better in combination with the pill. Who knows though. But I want to get off of it either way.
  8. Here it goes! I'm scared! Eek! Cerave Cleanser $12....lasts about 3 months Cerave Moisturizer $12....lasts about 6 months AzaClear $75....I think lasts about 3 months Epionce eye cream $60....lasts about 3 months, maybe 4? Latisse for lashes $120....lasts about 4-5 months MAKE UP DermaMinerals Primer $50?....lasts 4-5 months DermaMinerals Foundation $55....lasts 4-5 months Estée Lauder Camouflage(one drop into foundation)$35....lasts forever! Maybelline Blush $7....lasts 4 months
  9. Ugh really? What a bummer! When I was taking supplements (vit d, e, c, a and zinc) I would break out! So I stopped! Just my multivitamin now. Maybe just get off the supplements until you have blood work done. I think with eating healthy, you will get all the needed amounts of vitamins. It's so difficult to find a good doctor! I went to 2 of them before I found my current Derm which commonly prescribes spironolactone. And I would hope that hormones would balance out after a few months of bein
  10. I totally agree!! It would be very difficult to have a "normal" life while doing a crazy acne diet. You have to have a life. Oh my gosh! So funny you said that about your friend who's a doctor! I know a nurse practitioner and she said that same thing!!! She said it could throw everything out of whack even more! Ughhh what to do?.!!?! Geezzzz
  11. So I had my 6th saline injection today. I was really debating on canceling it since I bruised last time. And of course......I freaking bruised again!!! And I took arnica starting on Friday! So it pissed me off that I still bruised! I wanted to do atleast 6 of them. My Derm recommended 9 of them. But I think I'm done. When it bruises, it stresses me out even more and makes the area look much more noticeable!! I was feeling good about my skin today, and well, now im not, and I'm in a pissed of moo
  12. I don't know about a specific strategy. But I will definitely make sure to cut back, or completely, on sugar/sweets. I may also cut out dairy as well. And fast food! None of that! I would be ok with minor blemishes. I'm just fearful of the dreaded "return of the cysts" lol
  13. The $199-$300 is for the entire face, depending on where you go. I only did my entire face once. The other 2 times I just did my chin, where all my issues are, and that was only $50. IPL requires several sessions. Typically 3-6 are needed. Nothing is a quick fix. And we all know, this stuff isn't cheap. And also, I have a job, and make a decent living. I also have a husband that works. If I could afford it, I wouldn't do it.
  14. Your a beautiful blonde! So gorgeous and your hair is so full of body!! Well we will probably be weaning around the same time! I'm thinking to start either in march, April, or may. Well if that's the case, I'm going to ask for that next time I see my gyno. I've spoken to her about my acne, and she knows I have mild acne, but never once mentioned PCOS. And I do have slightly elevated testosterone which showed up in my blood test. Which is why I'm on the spironolactone. But yes, stress is a
  15. Your welcome! No, I didn't take any pictures of the process because I could barely look at myself. One of my scars was caused by a kenalog injection. It gave me a lot of stress and caused a time of depression for me. Anyways....the IPLs range in price from $199-$300. The YAG I had as a spot treatment for my scar and it was only $75. I'm not sure how much it is for the whole face.