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  1. Just wanted to give another update since I know those are helpful when you're dealing with this. It is now about 10 months since my atrophy appeared. I'm pleased with my healing. It is not perfectly healed - because it is on the edge of my chin, I can see there is atrophy underneath the skin with certain expressions but I have to really look for it. No one else would see it. The bluish discolouration is still there a tiny bit as well but it continues to fade. Mine was significantly better at
  2. You Are right around the same time frame as mine. January 5th will be 7 months for me. Mines probably about 85% better than it was at its worst. I've done 4 saline injections. I am scheduled for another one in 2 weeks. I'm worried that the saline injections might be causing the discoloration to further (from the needle injection). Did your color return to normal after the bruising? The saline did seem to make the discolouration worse for a while, guess it irritated the veins in that area which
  3. An update on my dent - still slowly improving, probably 95% better than at its worst. It's been about 7 months since the cortisone shot. I had 3 saline injections around the 4-5 month mark that seemed to help a bit but caused terrible bruising. If I could go back in time I would get a filler. I'm pretty much feeling fine about it now but it ruled my life for too long and made me so depressed. I think it'll take 9-12 months to really heal. And age might slow things down - I'm in my early 30's
  4. Oh I know exactly how you feel. It's TOUGH. This has been the hardest thing psychologically. But I think I'm on the home stretch. I'm close to 6 months since the cortisone injection so I've had this indentation for over 5 months (crazy!). It is finally getting to the stage where I feel like I can show my face mostly without embarrassement. I can still see it, and the discolouration is still there a bit, but I think it looks more like a garden variety little imperfection now than a hole in my fac
  5. Brief update - I still have an indentation and bluish discolouration but it is much better than it was before and gradually improving. I feel better about it these days (limiting mirror checking is a real help, as is not inspecting for progress more often that every few weeks). It has been nearly 5 months since the dent appeared. I suspect at this rate it will take at least another month or two to fill up, though I'm not sure the underlying tissue will ever be quite the same. Only time will tell
  6. Has anyone tried using copper peptide products for their indents? I'm specifically looking at the SkinBiology product line (like their acne scar reduction kit which includes their copper serum and super cop 2x). They are supposed to help build up collagen better than even retinol products but I have no experience with either, and wonder if they work too slow to really matter for cortisone atrophy.
  7. One more story to hopefully ease your mind. I broke out with a bad cyst a few weeks before my wedding and was so utterly stressed about it. By the time the wedding came along it was definitely healing up but still a bit of a bump with a fair bit of redness. I had professional makeup done and was nervous about it but the ladies actually commented on how nice and clear my skin was! I think they actually do see a decent number of brides with acne. I did keep my own trusted concealer on hand for tou
  8. Supernova30

    Getting Pregnant - What Can I Do For My Hormonal Acne?

    I'm so so sorry. What a difficult decision but I completely understand. Scarring and acne are incredibly draining emotionally. Even this one terrible scar I've been dealing with from cortisone has nearly sent me over the edge. Have you seen anyone about this? Like a psychologist I mean? Might be helpful. And please feel free to message or post more if you need to talk.
  9. Freaking out, I believe your doctor when he says it will heal on its own (I like the 100% figure!) but in my experience the saline is definitely speeding it up. It's not a miracle but I estimate it is healing at least twice as fast with the saline as compared to without it (of course I'll never know for sure how it would have healed without it but this is based on the filling that seems to occur in the couple of weeks following an injection). And for me, it seems to be the wound created by
  10. Question: If you've had a filler put in your cortisone dent, are you happy with it? If it has been a while, did it heal in the long term? What info have you gotten from your doctor about using fillers for cortisone denting? My cortisone dent has significantly improved over the last 2 months, especially since I started the saline injections 6 weeks ago. However, progress continues to be slow, I still think it looks hideous, and I'm getting to the end of my rope in dealing with the stress of i
  11. I'm sorry to hear this. How much did it regress? Hopefully there is still decent healing compared to when you started the saline.
  12. Well it's been a week since my latest saline injection (my third) and it's not looking like it has done much, despite bruising. Quite disappointing. I'd like to have more saline injections but they cause so much bruising on me and with the exception of the first injection, don't seem to be making a huge difference. The Goldman article made the saline injections sound so promising - weekly progressive improvements! Gone completely in a month! I don't understand why they are not working as well fo
  13. Supernova30



    Quick absorbing Broke me out I used this on our recent trip to Hawaii and although it seemed good (absorbed well etc.) by the end of the 10 day trip my nose was covered in tiny little pimples that took weeks to go away. I don't normally get that and was using no other new products so it was definitely the sunscreen.
  14. Supernova30

    Great foundation

    Great foundation

    Blends really well Not the longest lasting I have been using this foundation for years and still love it. It adjusts to your skin tone when you apply it so really matches your skin tone well. It smooths on nicely (patting it on with your fingers helps if you have dry patches) with medium coverage. It has never broken me out, or caused my skin to dry out as some foundations do. It is not the most long lasting foundation, but works fine for a normal workday. One thing I should mention i
  15. Supernova30

    Waited too long to try

    Waited too long to try

    Great moisturizer No more flakes! No breakouts Takes a bit to absorb My skin has never fully gotten used to benzyl peroxide and I was always dealing with patches of dry skin and flakes, along with having oily skin. I was scared to apply oil to my face because it just seemed so counterintuitive. After trying every moisturizer under the sun, I finally added acne.org jojoba oil to my moisturizer and the flakes are gone! Not just that, my skin is the softest it has ever been and just feels healthier