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  1. Thank you both so much for the kind words Unfortunately, I don't have the money right now to get my hormones tested... My mom thought I was being ridiculous running back and forth to the dermatologist all the time - To her, acne isn't a "real" condition and the effects of acne aren't "real". I've heard hormone testing is very expensive, so I don't think she would be receptive to it at all. I can only imagine my hormones are going a little crazy right now though. I don't eat much gluten
  2. Today was terrible. My skin looks f---king disgusting. I reapplied my make-up 6 times (literally) this morning. Eventually I gave up and resigned myself to not leaving the house today. I just look so so so so so so so so bad. While I was putting my foundation on I felt two HUGE cysts under the surface of my skin - One on my inner cheek, and the other a bit lower right next to my nostril. As soon as I felt them I burst out crying - The marks from the cysts that have just disappear
  3. So I've been doing some reading up on alcohol and acne, and although there isn't a proven link, it looks like it's not uncommon for alcohol to aggrevate acne... One of the things I read said one of the main reasons is because alcohol is such a huge strain on the liver - So I've decided to replace my morning coffee with hot water, lemon and a bit of honey. I've also decided that I'm going to stop drinking beer It sucks because in my city the student specials on drinks revolve around beer and
  4. I was on Yaz for almost two years. Just under a month ago I switched to Diane-35. Honestly, Yaz didn't make much of a different for my skin. In the first few months my skin was slightly better, but then it went back to "normal" (ie: acne), and for some reason, just under the 2 year mark, I broke out worse than I've ever broken out before in my life. Between the couple of weeks of "better" in the beginning and couple of weeks of "worse" at the end, there wasn't any significant improvement
  5. I wanted to keep using them because they're so convenient for travelling and taking off make-up, but I think you may be right. The day after my sister's birthday I woke up and my skin looked TERRIBLE. I have like 4 or 5 new pimples and the ones that seemed to be retreating look to have changed their minds and are rising to the surface again I feel like my acne always gets worse after a night of drinking.... Does anyone have the same problem? I've done some Googling and it doesn't seem there
  6. Thank you so much! I actually woke up in a beautiful mood this morning - Last night I promised myself I'd be in a good mood today Last night I read that birth control can affect your Vitmain B12 levels and that can lead to a low mood, so I ate a banana this morning. Haha. And I was in a good mood, until 5 minutes ago. But the thing that happened would have REALLY upset me anyway, probably more so than it is right now because I'm so determined to be in a good mood today. So I'm just gonn
  7. I use the Daily Essentials fragrance free ones - They are gentle on my skin, but they leave a weird oily film that I can't stand. So I always end up washing my face right after using them, I mainly just use them to get my make-up and mascara off... As soon as the pack is finished, I'm gonna buy a gentle cleanser instead... Do you know of any good ones that aren't too pricey? I used tea tree oil on my skin for a while, I finished a whole little bottle but it didn't seem to make much of a differe
  8. It's so nice to know someone is going through the same thing! When I realised I was 21 and still dealing with acne I knew it was time to do whatever it took to fight it. I always thought it was a puberty thing, but realizing I'm actually an adult now and still have acne, it really freaked me out. My skin looks slightly better today than it did yesterday, which is really exciting. I've read on here that some people get a really bad breakout during their placebo week on Diane-35. I still have
  9. I'm 21 and I think it's been almost 8 years since I've left the house without make-up. My acne started when I was 13. I actually remember being the only girl in my year who wore foundation. How embarrassing is that? Later in high school more girls wore foundation, but there was a year or two where I was the only one. There was even a time where a teacher tried to make me to go the bathroom to wash off my foundation (I only wore foundation and powder for oiliness, no mascara etc.) because