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  1. tippa

    Nothing Works.

    I have oily skin too and have had great success taking pantothenic acid--vitamin b5. I would take 1000-2000mg per day. If you Google it you'll find a lot of info. I have yet to find any makeup, primer, treatment to help my oily skin. Like you, I've spent a ton of money too.
  2. I love vitex--been taking it about 2 years. 440 mg per day. I took DIM in the form of Estroblock. for awhile too with great success. My hormones were really whacked out from bc pills. I did try other brands of DIM but did not have an effect. I am 45 yrs old, with endometriosis. I think the longer women stay on bc pills, the more it screws up their hormones. It is hard to go off them but voted is a great way to rebalance your hormones.
  3. I have really struggled with hormonal acne when I went off bc pills. There are a lot of bad effects of these pills that Dr.'s don't tell us--we r kind of being used as one big experiment. Anyway, I regret even going on them in the first place but I was naive. I even went back on them after coming off because my acne was so bad--we r talking zits everwhere--face, neck, back and scalp!! I couldn't stand it! I also have endometriosis if that matters. After a lot of research I tried Estroblock
  4. This may be discussed before, but when I did a search I did not find this as a topic. I have struggled with acne for quite some time. It would get better when I went on certain birth control but I did not want to be on it because of how horrible the complications are--another topic of discussion, but the impact of birth control pills is far reaching and very bad for women AND men. Anyway, as always I have been on a hunt for noncomedogenic makeup, hair products, sunscreen, etc. It has b
  5. Hello, i am new to the forum but have adult acne and struggle since going off birth control. I am surprised at the recommendations for some of the oils because of some of the guides I reference state a lot of oils cause acne. Here is one good list and this website gives information about how fabric softener, food additives, cosmetics, etc. can aggravate acne: http://www.skinfitaustin.com/content/pore-clogging-ingredients-skin-care-products this one says the only safe oils are: Fragr
  6. I have come across a website that talks about ingredients in cleansers, moisturizers and makeup, that causes acne. http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm#inglist This has helped me alot. I noticed that some of the products you recommend, have some of the ingredients that rank a 3 for comedogenicity. Would the benefits of the regime be better if this was avoided? I've been suffering from hormonal acne at 34. I went through 2 rounds of Accutane when I was 28 and it helped for awhile,