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  1. Hope you guys can help me here. I've had mild forehead acne for 4 yrs and last Sep I went to a derm and he prescribed me 100mg Doxycycline twice a day along with Biacna topical gel for 3 months. When I finished the course, my face was cleared up. But 3 weeks after I stopped the antibotics, I had a severe breakout on my chest and my back (my chest and back never got acne before that). I went back to the derm and he said it was acne and he prescribed me more Doxycycline. I didn't get it instea
  2. Hello everyone I'm new here. I was trying to order the regimen online and get it shipped to Toronto. The starter kit is like $38, but the shipping is like $48?! And that soars the cost up to $87!!! REALLY?!?!