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  1. moderich

    Which Treatments? How?

    Hi everyone, I'm using the Regimen since 2 month. I have no more pimple but i have some acne scars. I would like to erase them but i really don't know how... i heard about "AHA cream" but i don't know which one i have to choose or how use it... can you help me please? thank you!!
  2. Hi everyone, i just ordered regiment, and i have a few questions (sorry about my english, i'm french, i will do my best ) - can i expose my face in the sun? -can i remove my hair from my face with wax (eyebrown, mustache)? i know that regiment will do my skin very dry and i'm afraid to "snatch" my skin by using wax -at the beginning do we have suddenly a lot of acnee (more than usual)? -currently i have others products prescribed by my dermatologist (an antibiotic : tolexin