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  1. Hi guys, ive been on the regimen since July 2013 and i can say that the regimen has worked wonders. Im clear but left with some red marks but fading because i use aha+. Im all out of BP and do not have the money to order a new batch but i recently bought clean and clear 3 in 1. It has bp 5% and had past success with it. (my skin just loves BP). My concern is im trying to stay clear with just using this clean and clear and aha+ mixed with some cetaphil or cerave, I was wondering if it is bad to u
  2. Hi, i was wondering if any one has before/after pics from using AHA+ for hyper-pigmentation! I've been using aha+ on my hyper-pigmentation for about 3-4 months solid and i have seen some improvement, but not what i was expecting from the start. So, if any one has pics feel free to post to this thread so i have an idea of how long and how well it has worked for some of you's! Thanks, Corey
  3. I don't believe that Aha is an alternative for the BP. Aha is more of an exfoliator/lotion type thing. Some people do have success with just using the Aha , but i would try and find or order some BP 2.5%.
  4. i was a wrestler in high school but never really had acne at all until i graduated from high school and stopped wrestling. Then out of nowhere i started deveolping acne all over and my skin texture sucked. Thank god for the regimen. it has cleared me up pretty well but still have some tough dark marks left behind from prior pimples. If you have any questions in regards to wrestling or the regimen let me know and i will try and help.
  5. cetaphil is great, i was using cerave and kept breaking out, then switched to cetaphil cleanser and i have stopped breaking out so much, but its probably due to the fact that ive been on the regimen since july.
  6. I would only use the AHA+ at night becasue it leaves your face highly sensitive to sun, but jojoba oil is good to use in the morning and night, but keep in mind that jojoba oil leaves your face kinda shiny if you use to much. so in the morning i only use like 2 drops but at night you can use up to 6 if needs be.
  7. okay, so i know alot of people use dan's BP and have major success with it, but i use neutrogens bp 2.5% and its working fine...the only thing is that its runs out rather quickly and i cant really do the regimen exactly because its a tube not a pump. so i just apply the bp to every section of my face with a small amount of bp
  8. hi, i just wanted to know if adding a couple drops to my aha+ is a good idea or not. i use the aha in place of my moisturizer every few days.
  9. Does any one know if using cocoa butter on your face as a lotion is good or bad for your skin because one of my friends uses it on his face and he has perfect skin. I know there are some ingredients that might casue some people to break out. I havnt actually experemented myself yet, but i was trying to get some peoples opinions with it.
  10. I dont smear the bp all over my face. I take a little bit and rub it into each section at a time instead of making a mess and smearing a whole bunch of bp everywhere. (it also stains everything lol). So for me since im not using so much of the bp it takes about 20 minutes to dry and i use the neutrogena bp instead of dans and it has worked for me.
  11. im so aggravated with this big red pimple right on my hairline. i move back to college tomorow and i have this thing on my forehead.ughh but i kind of figured a solution to the problem by wearing a hat to cover the pimple cuz i dont feel comfortable at all walking around with this thing on my head, Why does this have to happen to me, i was just pretty much clear for at least a week and boom. my luck
  12. you just started with the regimen, it takes time to see results. The begininng stages are always the worse...trust me. when you get past that stage you will look back and be very glad you kept with it. Alot of people say the same thing as you, that they wanna quit the regimen becasue their skin is getting worse. Its gunna get worse before it gets better. You say that the BP might be causing the problem but the BP is actually getting deep down into your pores and actually cleansing it from the in
  13. stick with it, i had the same problem. the first week it seemed to be working wonders, them i wake up in week 2 with painful red bumps on my chin area and cheek. this is called a purge. the bp is getting deep into your pores and cleaning them from the inside out. so if your breaking out that is why. Im 2 months in and i dont really break out like i used to and my overall complexion is a million times better. When i had acne a couple of montths ago i told myself that i would never get clear. and
  14. cerave cream cetaphil lotion aloe lotion