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  1. How long has she been on the met/spiro? It takes some months for improvements to show. Three months is when I started to see improvement. I'd say I eight months, I was clear. Just some advice from someone who has PCOS. It's hormonal, she'll have to cope with it for the rest of her life. In the end all you can do it try to manage the PCOS. I took Accutane at 16 (I'm 35 now) and while I did receive relief from acne, it only lasted about two years, and then it was back to business as usual. A
  2. I agree. I was on it for two years, and my acne completely went away. However, you guys need to know, there are several side affects with this medicine, so be willing to accept the those and the risks that go with them. I read about a woman on a PCOS forum that got terrible heartburn after a while. After some testing, the spiro had caused Gastroparesis. (Gastroparesis is a condition that affects the normal spontaneous movement of the muscles (motility) in your stomach.) I also experienced se
  3. It's most definitely a side effect, and I get it bad at night too. Normally I'd just deal with these things, but I'm a musician and its really affecting my singing voice. :(:(:(
  4. Well it hasn't caused me to get wrinkles, not anything like that, and as long as I use a moisturizer, I'm pretty much okay, I've just never had to deal with dry dull skin before, you know, with acne is usually the opposite. lol. I just got back from the pharmacy, and they told me, its entirely possible that I'd have a side effect from a particuarly generic verus another, she said the only way to know for sure is to go back to the peach pill, which they don't have. ya think? lol. sigh. al
  5. So it happened. It was months ago that I was here asking about Spiro. I finally went to a derm to ask about it. He wanted to straight up put me on Accutane if you can believe that. I asked if we could try spiro, because I was clear for a year with Yasmin (which my gyno was unwilling to give me again due to her own opinions despite how much it helped me). Well he agreed, and what happened? After about 3 months, I'm 95% clear. I assumed this would happen because of how well I did on Yasmin (anti-a
  6. Actually per your post about people just needing to end their lives, you should be permabanned. If you don't have something positive to give, go away.
  7. Everything you said, is exactly how I feel. It's probably how a lot of people feel. I try to smile, and I try my very best to ignore it, but then I go bed, and wash my face, and have to be reminded again, and again, this nagging battle I have within myself. And what hurts me, is people who don't have it, will NEVER understand. I try and open up to people about it, people in my family, they say it just doesn't really look bad. That is no big deal. They have no idea how much it hurts emotional
  8. I started last thursday, and I already lost about 3lbs. I was suprised. (*cough* and kinda happy about it) And its still really soon, not even a week.
  9. Also curious about this, as I started spiro last week. I got a straight 100mg, and was wondering if I should split it up. :/ if that affects the meds.
  10. So, going to call up the docs tomorrow, what exactly should I ask?
  11. weight gain? ew, I already have weight problems. ;-; if its not one thing, its something else! I hate hormones!
  12. Heh, you sound like you're in the same boat as me, and then when I do I get a good BCP, they won't represcribe it. What a joke.
  13. Hmm. Good advice... I'm nixing my OBGYNO though... cos she seems to act like she doesn't care about helping me with my acne, and it takes a month+ to get an appt with her. Meh, I guess I'll try a derm. (again, I've been through a handfull of them) I just don't want creams and crap first, becauseeeee I they don't help me much at all. They'll treat existing acne, but I'll just keep getting erruptions. :/
  14. Hello. I've been part of acne.org for the longest time, I've tried pretty much everything over the course of many years, 20 years. Too long if you ask me. A year ago, I had an "aha" moment. I asked my gyno if I could try Yasmin/Yaz but I didn't think about it for acne, I thinking about it because of my weight, I'll get into more later. Something remarkable happened that year. My acne vanished. My hair and skin were no longer crazy oily. At the time I didn't even think it was the BCP beca
  15. Well I'm no doctor, I'm just guessing. I'd say, find a derm that will confirm this suspicion.