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  1. Milk of Magnesia is the key to control oily skin!
  2. Milk Of Magnesia is the key to oily skin!
  3. I was just like you when I was young, believe it or not, it will go away, is it because you have oily skin? Milk of Magnesia is the trick to help keep your skin dry and help with your acne. If you want their is more info on this website about acne, oily skin, makeup etc. this may help you *Moderator edit, URL removed – please read the board rules*
  4. I have been fighting acne since I was 8th grade till I was 19 years old I guess due to pregnancy hormones it finally stopped, but I still had that ONE problem which was OILY SKIN! I finally found something to cure it but you have to use daily which is milk of magnesia, trust me this stuff is like magic to my overly oily skin.
  5. I have been fighting my acne and oily skin since I was in 8th grade and it finally went away when I turned 19 I think due to my pregnancy hormones but I still have VERY VERY oily skin and I also have found the cure to that which is MILK OF MAGNESIA! it is truly magic.
  6. My skin is beyond oily and I've been looking and looking online on ways to at least control my skin, and let me tell you MILK OF MAGNESIA is the trick! I've been using it ever since.
  7. Hello I personally think that it is better to cure your oily or acne skin naturally.
  8. veini6

    Oily Skin

    Yes everytime I eat chocolate or some sort of junk food I brake out, or anything particularly oily. Have you found a cure for your oily skin?