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  1. Hi Just wondering did antone have a phenol peel, if so whta was your experience of it and were you happy with the result. Any info greatly appericated M
  2. I am glad you got something out of it! hang in there, things will improve
  3. HI, I have logged on here today after quiet a while, However I initialy registered with this site in 2002. During all that time I suffered with grade 4 cystic acne. I was on Dianette, numerous antibiotics, accutance (for over 2 years), steroid injections, numerous topical treatments. Then the acne became more controlled, I would not say it was gone just controlled and thats when the acne scar treatments began...... again non-ablatives lasers, Co2 laser, erbrium, isologen, fraxel, peels, silcon
  4. HI I currently wear la roche posay SPF50 lotion. I put it on after my moisture in the mornings and then let it dry, before putting my foundation. As sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 2 hours, I omly every put it on once as I dont want to have to remove my full face of makeup and reapply sunscreen at work each day. I am just wondering what otheres do. I have extremely fair skin and was on accutane and had numerous types of laser including Co2 and fraxal so I really need to have agud sun c
  5. just did a serch on this topic and wondering has anybody tried it?
  6. molly999


    Hi I had isologen years ago when it was first available in Europe, (before they closed down the uk manufacturing plant and moved state side) I dound it vey good. I had severe acne and althought not been active on this site in a while I have been a member since '02. I have had numerous treatments, every laser from , Co2 resurfacing to non-ablative lasers. Isologen definantly was worth it, Molly
  7. hi guys I am so confused mycell is the plasme rich platelets and recell is the sample of skin taken that is harvarsed in teh lab and sprayed onto recently lasered skin. i am thinking of having MYcell and I am wondering if anyone had any success with this treatment. Just a little about my me........................... Had very severe acne tried everything....antibiotics, antiandrogens, the pill, herbs, healers, accutane, steroid injections into the cysts, numerous topical treatments, alter
  8. Hi Thanks so much for relaying your experiences in such detail. I have recently started looking into PRP adn reading your experiences certainly has made me rethink having the procedure. Can I just ask what was the stem cell injections as I did not know that stem cells were been allowed to be used. I have googled teh wimpole clinic but there is no info on the website. To my knowledge there has been isologen which is where the skin cells are cultivated to increase collagen production. I ha
  9. Hi although I always had a lot of spots I did not develop severe acne until I was about 18, I spent years trying to get rid of it, trying different remedies from acupuncture, herbs, antibiotics, antiandrogens, accutane .........eventually each cyst was injected several times with a steroid. Although most of the active acne is now gone I have been left with severe scars. My mission then became looking for a cure for them. I have tried every form of laser on the market IPL to fraxal to Co2, i
  10. HI i joined this site years ago after battling acne for years. I ma still on th e quest for scar free skin. I have now accepted that I will never be compltely scar free or spot free but I will continue to search!!!! throughout the years i have had numerous lasers (ablative and non ablative) obagi blue peels, other acid peels, fraxel, IPL, isologen to name a few. my skin condition is combination, dry, normal and oily. i was wondering what is the best sunscreen for the face I currently
  11. HI I dont know how people can be so hurtful, I have been called so many names. I had really severe acne, was on accutane for years (longest patient), antibiotics, anti androgens, the pill ..............u name it I tried it, now I am left with terrible scars that I have am trying my very best get rid of, laser isologen, peels etc i have been called so many names and so many hurtful comments have been said, ome from strangers some by so called family members that I now hate, for now been more
  12. Hi Lionking Thank you very much Do you think just putting it on at night is enough and not during the day As i was thinking it would make my skin very dry during the day Also do i need to use green cream Thanks for replying molly Hi Lionking Thank you very much Do you think just putting it on at night is enough and not during the day As i was thinking it would make my skin very dry during the day Also do i need to use green cream Thanks for replying molly
  13. Hi I am going starting Taking the B5 however i was just woundering how many gramd of B complex do you take in per day Also does the B5 have to be taken after food thank you molly
  14. Hi I have been reading this tread but have been getting confused i was woundering would someone advice me what products would be best for my skin to get rid of the blackheads and when should i apply them I currently have black heads and enlarged pores on my chin, around my nose and on the cheek besde my nose I currently wash my face with dermatologicia gentle cleansing gel, I use Agera vit C serum at morn and night and I use environ mostureing cream (Containd vit A) morn and night, I exfol