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  1. Update : yeah got some massive ones later tonight. Can't go out all weekend...
  2. Nothing interesting today though i suspect i am heading into the IB. The five or six pimples on my jaw and chin are less angry, i can tell they are going to become solidified whiteheads over the weekend. I have a new cyst coming to a head near my hairline and another flatter one above my eyebrow. The cyst on my hairline is quite 3d and embarassing...cuz its full of liquid. Right now I am doing a lot of cardiovascular (for me that means dance classes at the gym). I hate hate hate the bright l
  3. Didn't mention before..my dosage is 20kg per day. I am 43kg. I will up it to 40mg per day after 1-2 weeks. This morning I could already feel the slightest bumps forming under the skin of my forehead and cheeks (areas I don't get zits most of the time). However, the acne from yesterday on my chin had calmed down in some places and new cysts forming elsewhere. Still, nothing was terrible. Got happy when mid morning i found my first flake - a pimple that had healed and flaked off. Then, during
  4. If you want my back story. ..see the blog "accutane on dark skin." It's now three years later and the acme has come back, it started slowly and increased till its now been consistently bad for 2 months. The trigger I believe was a big exam I had studied one year for, and a job interview, and possible interstate move which required me to give away my dog...All all the same time. The all time I have is different from the past. It's almost exclusively on the lower half of my face...jaw, lower
  5. Its been about a month since i last posted. Sorry I havent been updating, but take it as a good sign! I havent been as disciplined with my skin care. Eg: i forget to wash my face before bed sometimes now, or i go a few days withut accutane pills. The Good: - been pimple free for the last month - drunk a few times ..ok got waste...a fwe times..when i was out and forgot i was on accutane - nothing major happened to me, just took a bit longer than usual to recover the next day The Bad:
  6. Yeah its defs coming back. Now i have 7 zits on my face. THey are along my cheeks and jawline. Period is already here (came yesterday). What the hell. I think the effectiveness is wearing out. Time to visit the derm.
  7. Oh man. Acne is getting worse. Its like old times. 2 zits on each cheek. Zit between my brows. I can't go out again! And the worst part is I planned all these fun activities, and now cant go and have to let friends down because of these zits. THANKS ACCUTANE. YOU SUCK ATM. I have been eating a LOT of chocolate. Maybe this is to blame. In the last 2 weeks, I have eaten two single packs of oreos and 2 tim tam packets. Also, a carb rich diet - lots of white rice. No veges. Stopping
  8. OKAY WHAT THE HELL!?!?! It's coming back. It's almost as bad as when i'd just started. I've got a big red whitehead on my right cheek, two smaller whiteheads on my left check, a red large bmp under my eyes. My lips are super swollen and everyone is asking what's wrong with me. Went on a date today. His first comment was that "your arms look really scaly. moisturize that ****." Sigh. My friend who is a nurse and father is a doctor says that this accutane is just a temporary fix b
  9. Oh yeah. More info. Eyes are extremely dry. I have to put in eyedrops at least once a day. The optometrist says I have become slightly short0sighte.d I do spend most of my free time and owrk hours on a computer so i guess its not all accutane's fault but this was a bow. My skin gets dry white patches. Its not very flaky but its enough that i put bio oil on my face when i go to sleep sometimes. Skincare routine: Clinique anti-blemish soap in the morning, after work and sometime
  10. I officially have no worried about my face for 1 week! I have a few small ones here and then, the ones on my chin don't really go but whatever! they are so tiny i don't care. If i get a whitehead on my cheek/forehead, its tiny and i can squeeze it easily after a shower. I wear makeup and my face looks beautiful and clear. I FEEL SO HAPPY Accutane is amazzzzzzzzinggg.
  11. Okay, progress report. I think its been 1.5 weeks since I last posted. I have returned to Brisbane. I asked my father how my face looks. He said he recons 70% improvement since I started accutane in my acne. However, my "face looks so dry, not good, like I've just returned from a desert." LOL. For the first few days i returned to Brisbane last week, my skin went all gross again. I think it was because of my period coming. After that has gone, its calmed down. The weird part, i'm get
  12. UnshakenAves, I guess a reference point might be if your skin gets redder after using it. After shaving my face I found that my skin could get redder and gain little acne like bumps on my face and neck, unfortunately not shaving obviously wasn't an option. Most websites tell Accutane users just to use a general moisturiser and cleanser, ie not the brands that are used to prevent/treat acne, because their skin will probably be too sensitive. So I guess your own judgement will be the best guide, s
  13. I stopped using differin, following Biggs' advice. I am glad he warned me, because my skin has gotten pretty dry! Its flaking around the lips and a bit swollen, making them look bigger than angelina jolie's pout! @Jamie O, I really love my scrub! But i get what you are saying about sensitive skin - how can i tell if my skin is 'too sensitive' for the scrub? I feel like my face is just hardy and tough like rubber! Its not going to break - is it? Also can I ask, when did you skin (not lips