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  1. If it is free, go in for a consultation. If you meet a good dermatologist (do not go to spas, bad reputation everywhere) he or she will recommend the best treatment for a good price. Unfortunately, it is better if the doc takes a personal look at your skin before prescribing anything. Remember, good docs take more time to assess your situation.
  2. I would like to suggest "rabb.it" as a plausible platform because it allows you to also perform video streams from sites like youtube or netflix. In other words, it opens the option of movie nights, anime nights and the like, if you so choose to adopt it.
  3. Actually, allow me to interject-- the point of my post in literal form is "we are so obsessed with our faults that we completely missed life by disregarding any and all opportunities presented to us". Life doesn't care, time doesn't care: they are both inanimate concepts. But we do and should care for ourselves because we have the choice and perspective to do so. "If nobody else is going to treat me like a human, the devil be damned that I choose to torture myself by not treating me like one
  4. Here's a mental exercise-- Not a daily ritual, a mental exercise, do not use it like a ritual because it is not intended that way. Think over it slowly, flip it over in your mind, forget it afterwards if you have to. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imagine looking in a mirror. That is you. You see you in the mirror. Tomorrow it is you. The day after it is you. So is the day after that. And
  5. Figures I add a story to this dog pile, here goes. When I was in college, it was nearing the end of my severe acne phase (cystic acne destroyed my skin during high school, I never had accutane), but still had the occasional pimples here and there. My scarring was at its peak worst: still red, fresh, deep and unadulterated by time or procedure. I had pitted scars that probably measured between 0.5~1mm deep by visual inspection, some shallow but the size of 1/4~1/2 a penny, and I avoided social
  6. I am sorry for what you are going through, 19 is an age of terrible mood swings for me and I relied heavily (back then) on sugar-free (read "sugar-free") energy drinks (don't do this) to elevate my mood. But it never solved the underlying anxiety and depression I felt, when I crashed I crashed hard. Before you do anything else, I suggest addressing your depression first, because scars may take some time to treat and many procedures-- you want to be as rational as possible when choosing a treat
  7. Hello all, I hope this post finds you well. Allow me to preface this with a reintroduction, I had 1 session of CO2RE laser done 4 years ago and 1 session of RF Sublative done 3 years ago. My initial scarring includes a scattering of ice picks (literally, a scattering), large depressed scars from cystic acne (about the size of half a penny?), box cars and some raised nose bumps. Take it with a pinch of salt, but I think the RF sublative did the most good (I will not detail in this post), espec
  8. I have done CO2RE about 2 years ago (cannot recall the date), and I have Fitzpatrick III skin. All I can say, after 2 months post-treatment, there was about <10% improvement. It may just be my skin not reacting well to the treatment, but expect 1 week of down time, at least, and the treatment is quite painful despite getting numbing cream and injections to calm my nerves. I had better results from subablative RF, and healed from it much faster too. Either way, that's my 2 cents.
  9. Hello MsBubbleTea, Thank you for starting a photo journal about your progress. I think it is an important driving factor in this subforum and provides raw insight into scar treatment. Unfortunately, I did not go through with the full regime of my RF treatment, so I do not know the extent of the effectiveness of the treatment. However, I do know that a few of my ice pick scars softened into boxcar scars, which are supposedly more treatable. Regardless, do continue updating us about your progr
  10. Update: an additional thing I should mention: regardless of your treatment, it is important to find a derm that genuinely cares (or at least, holds onto the Hippocratic oath) for his/her patient. I'd say a safe bet is when the derm discusses at length about your expectation, the nature of the treatment (how many procedures, what cost, what post-treatment inconveniences), and doesn't over-inflate the outcome i.e. they would tell you what to expect, what improvements to expect and what risks.
  11. I did an RF sublative treatment about 1~2 years ago (before that, CO2 laser, 1 session at $3k, not too impressed, painful, different dermatologist). The dermatologist actually recommended about 3~5 treatments at $300 each ($900~$1500 total); the nose was one of the areas that was treated. Anyway, I had 2 very visible nose bumps from large pimples during my teenage years. The good news (or in my experience, these things are hard to guarantee) is that, yes, in my case the RF worked to subside
  12. Oh yes, I apologize for being away for some time. Anyway! The first laser scar treatment actually did not impress me that much. However, I went for a different session of RF subablative treatment. And... I am impressed! Note that I only treated my scars twice (first was CO2RE, second was RF) but my scarring has been resurfaced to the point that I am not even conscious about them. Now, this is FAR different from saying "my skin is now perfect", because it just means that I am in a state of mi
  13. If your skin is tingly and burning, do consider toning down your application a little. Say, reduce it to once every two days for instance, or once every three days until your skin gets used to it. Remember to get a good moisturizer and sunscreen as well! Most importantly, do not panic! You have really aesthetically pleasing features, and it would be a shame to overlook that in spite of your current skin conditions. Take things slowly at a time and be patient, your body is a healing machine, but
  14. Tretinion (retin A) has a very case-by-case basis evaluation. I personally have a good experience with it and I regret not starting earlier. My jawline was littered with whiteheads and after a month's time it is smooth as a baby's bottom- shame that the rest of my cheeks is now littered with scars and open pores because I didn't start during my highschool years. Oh well. I am a strong advocate of tretinion, reserved treatment and patience. Anyhow, that aside, I suggest that you allow your sk
  15. Subcision first, then laser might be the way to go mate. Some of them look quite deep, so you might not benefit much from laser first hand. I personally think that combined treatment is the way to go, and may I complement you on your beautiful skin tone? Cheers.