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  1. before accutane i had big red pimple and when i popped it a lot of puss came out and it healed after while. and some other smaller pimples . after accutane iam starting to get very weird annoying pimples, its like ultra small whitehead which would be nearly invisible but there is always big redness around.. i dont get it, and when i popped it its just a very tiny drop of puss and then after some days its healed, problem is that this redness is so annoying, these pimples were just tiny pimples wi
  2. its getting worse.. iam thinkinhg avout low dose accutane 20 mg a day and after time 40mg once a week for many months to prolong my life without acne
  3. I just wash morning and evening my face and use moisturizer, i got braces and then smal whiteheads start but its not connected i think. But i dont know . That my skin now on the photo iam now posting, iam clear and confident, happy. If this face will cover acne again i will be unhappy and broken again :/..
  4. So, first of all sorry for my poor english, i had in at the begining of 2013 bad acne and mainly depression from acne. It was worst part of my life, really insane i was crying all day and just wanted to end my life. Then i started accutane and it was life changer my whole life changed and i was finally happy and living normal, it was miracle. Now three months after accutane. 6 months i havent got single pimple. It was fantastic no depression for half year, but now on sunday i got First two pimp
  5. Its done, my acne is gone! Best desicion ever, Enough said. Lets see, if it will come back.
  6. Month 6 day 5 Smooth sailing 2 pimples on back but thats all Totally clear face. Just started working out. I want to be on tane forever!!!!! Lol
  7. iam 5/7 months done, it was one of best desicions ever!!! everyone go on tane! side effects: dry skin easily controlled with cream dry lips easily controlled with stick eczema on arms: worst side effect but still so worth it! guys i was trying everything EVERYTHING, tane is miracle these are photos before these are after!!! only thing iam afraid that it will come back, we will see.
  8. Month 4 day 23 I have enough of dry skin and eczema all over my arms... It is getting worse in terms of side effects, looking forward to the end. Pimples once in a month but too bad side effects
  9. Month 4 day 10 wow i broke out after 40days with a ugly papule feel a bit sad and struggling why it happened. But pimple after 40 days ? Thats still great
  10. Month 3 day 28 clear, except one small something and my scar after mole remival suddenly become red but accutane is freaking miracle! MIRACLE
  11. MONTH 3 DAY11 Very good that cyst on my forehead left me a mark but thats all. Forehead is most dry even if i moist it most. Mild dry lips, eczema on hands spread more. Marks ale fading slowly.. And some ingrown hairs
  12. Month 3 day 3 Really enjoyed 10 days without acne! Now i have big pimple on forehead and two ingrown hairs but except this its ok.
  13. Month 2 day 24 Wow after that 2 big pimples which i still have but they are smaller no new pimple in a week thats a record! Really looking forward to continue my tane, still no side effects except eczema on hands Pic with my love, she supports me with my skin, she is best , she bought powder for me ! And i had some bad rages about skin infront of her that i musted be taken to hospital. Shhh skin looks really good outside.. Iam happy now i hope it will keep that way
  14. Inflamed cyst on tane, how can i minimize red mark after ;(???
  15. Day 16 of month 2.... LOL accutane start working!!! One big pimple and CYYYYSTTTT kill me my god.....
  16. Day 12 of month 2, worst part of my tane, one big pimple on cheek, and whiteheads in scar!!!! Where i had mole.
  17. So i have tiny tiny whitehead but it red around.. I torn hair out and now what
  18. Day 10 of month 2. Woke up with 3 new pimples, cried, didnt go to school .. Cried hard, took some antidepressants.. When everything looks good and bam! Lol ... Please tane, end my acne finally, i cant take it anymore..
  19. So what should i do? There is hair and red around i think its ingrown hair.. Leave it alone or sone treatment? Its on my cheek So i torn whole hair of and now its flat but big and red!! And see very tiny whitehead there.
  20. Day 6 of month 2 Only one whitehead in scar after mole removal ;( but no oil no blackheads and best skin in last half year. Accutane is best desicion ever for now. Still 5 month and 20 days and iam already so afraid that oil and blackheads will come back after course ;((! I want tane flr rest of my life!
  21. Month 1 day 4 1 active, everything is fine, except that pimples are somewhat raised and angry on accutane ;( And reply for previous post - only thing that really helped me long term was zineryt. Month 1 day 4 1 active, everything is fine, except that pimples are somewhat raised and angry on accutane ;( And reply for previous post - only thing that really helped me long term was zineryt.
  22. Month 1 39 days on 30 mg done, today i took my first 40mg pill, and will take 40mg next 6 months. Only 1 active, but some scabs and marks from previous bad week. Side effects : eczema on hands, mild dry lips, dry skin but 1day moisturizing is totally enough to keep skin not dry.
  23. My acne is super mild but i have depressions from acne so i had to take accutane. After 1 month i still breaking out, but i have like none side. Effects, ok dry skin and dry lips but i use heavy moisturizer at night + chapstick so theoretically i dont have any.
  24. INITIAL BREAKOUT i can now honestly say that it is ib and it started after 1 month lol... i was really thinking that i avoided it... i have now some angry pustules and scabs from poping..
  25. Month 1 day 4! Wtf!! About 6 actives + dry patches, pimples on tane are much more red and angry... Iam saaaad!