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  1. anybody tried this? it has lots of good reviews on drugstore.com and makeupalley. i'm going to pick some up one of these days. i think it's about $25CAD. but if it works like everyone claims, it'll be worth it. i have fair skin and red marks. i've been using tazorac and it's helped somewhat, but i'd like to try an AHA to see if it helps more. here's a link for the alpha hydrox product: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...g=1&tab=1#1 ~Amy
  2. i wonder if aspirin would help with the swelling and inflammation caused by acne? ~Amy
  3. im not brave enough to try this (worried about the smell and possible burning of my skin). and it sounds like a long-term commitment to get any results. dont be shy to admit your trying my idea BF.. ~Amy
  4. i see that mederma and other scar products contain onion extract. so why not just use regular onion? i was thinking to peel an onion and tape it on (with a bandaide) to my red mark areas overnight to see what happens. can someone try this? ~Amy
  5. good luck with your regimen! im 23 and still suffering with acne and im a picker also. what about trying accutane? i was on it twice and it worked while i was on it. i want to give it a third try and see if i get permanent results. ~Amy
  6. is there a link? today i had a lot more sugar than usual. and my brother (who has type 1 diabetes) tested my sugar. it was 1.9 or 34 (depending on the units). when it's suppose to around 5 (or 100ish). so i think that by eating sugary crap, my pancreas is producing too much insulin. thoughts on this? the past couple of years i've really been avoid sugar though (for the most part), cause it always makes me feel like crap. i wonder if it's related to my oily skin problem? ~Amy
  7. i havent had any cysts though since being on tane. i used to get a lot one cyst a month. the problem with spiro is that i'd have to take it for 30 years (im 23 now). and it has side effects as well and i dunno how i'll respond to it. at least with tane i know what to expect. maybe a microdose of tane would be more up my alley? so i could take it for longer periods of time? ~Amy
  8. mild acne. currently i have 1 big whitehead and a couple little ones. and i have large pores and blackheads. i'd say my skin is 30% less oily now than pre-tane, but i cant stand it. when i was on tane i could leave the house for a good 8-9 hours at a time and not worry about looking like i stuck my head in vegetable oil, now, i limit my out-of-the-house activities to keep everything under 3 hours. gawd i miss being on tane. i finished my last course in about october i believe. should i
  9. labgirl: are you a scientist? i have very oily skin and have been on tane twice in the past couple years. it worked while i was on it, but after a month of finishing each course the oil has come back. not sure if i should try another round of tane or should i try spirolactane?? ~Amy
  10. may day! MAY DAY! the oil is back in almost full swing. my pores are the size of moon craters. my forehead has been breaking out for the past couple of weeks (which is somewhat ok cause i have bangs to cover), but now i have a big red zit near my lip and a whitehead on my chin. i dont feel like going out like this, i hope i look half decent by the weekend so i can go outside. and to top it off, i think my hair is thinner since the tane. i might just be imagining it being thinner.. i dunno...
  11. the cetaphil sunscreen has a lot of bad reviews: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...x=29067&tab=1#1 ~Amy
  12. what exact sunscreen are you using? ~Amy
  13. hi Claud how are you? haven't heard from you in a while. how's life post-tane? ~Amy
  14. :think: if you're taking 40mg/day for 5 months.. that's 40mg/day. you need to figure how many mg per kg you've been taking so go (40 x 150 )/(your weight in kg). im pretty sure that's the calculation. ~Amy
  15. after 2 rounds of accutane i no longer have pimples, except the odd whitehead. but i know what you mean. i used to LOVE popping 'em, and popping cysts was my favourite. but now for whiteheads i use a 2% BHA product overnight, it dries em up by morning so i dont get the chance to pop em. it sounds like you might have a little OCD with the picking. i have OCD as well. ~Amy