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  1. Thanks both of you! So I've been on: -Duac -Trimethoprim (Dont know why my GP prescribed this it's mostly for UTIs) -Erythromycin -Lymecycilin Also tried many vitamin supplements, swimming (chlorine i heard helps), sunbathing, alcohol free face washes/regimes, all the other brands of face wash. I've been through it all! My face is very very greasy though, it is natural though, this makes me think roaccutane is the best bet as it reduces the sebaceous glands. All of these courses were 6
  2. So i went to my GP for acne problems. its nothing severe but its VERY persistent. i've been going to him for years and getting different antibiotics which just do not work. He's just referred me to the hospital and the appointment is the end of october and i just dont want to wait that long ESPECIALLY if at the hospital he says he cant do anything. its got the point where i wont go into shops because all of them have massive mirrors and I HATE seeing the inflammation and redness and the spots, i