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  1. I used AHA+ this entire time by the way. My face used to heal from acne perfectly fine despite the fact that I used to pop my pimples with serious force (stopped once I got on the regimen), but I first started noticing a difference when my acne was finally going away. I pulled out with tweezers a white sebum plug thing that was sticking out of my face and it left a hole like normal, it should have closed up neatly but instead it stayed open and looked like it was ripped for a few days. It's
  2. Note, I do use AHA+. After a few days of using cleanser/BP/AHA+ as always, it becomes difficult to apply BP to my face because the flakes and the BP mix and it just looks nasty. Feels dry putting it on too. This means every now and then I'll have to scrub the flakes off of my face with water. I don't like doing this since it's very abrasive, I'm not breaking out so it's probably fine in that sense but obviously it's not good to be rough on your skin when you have acne issues. This only star
  3. Moisturizers with SPF have an extremely low oz/$ ratio that I can't afford. I will need an acne safe SPF cream that I can put on after applying AHA+ thanks. Never mind, found this: http://www.acne.org/reviews/sunscreen-c32/page1.html
  4. Even if your acne is as bad as it gets, you should still take the money. Yeah, it'll suck having acne still but you'll have $100M. You can get plastic surgery if you wanted to, I don't know. But $100M > clear skin imo. 100 million bucks
  5. morning and night cause I have no moisturizer. wow that moisturizer is very expensive. 2.5oz for $25 o.o
  6. Congrats. I'd also like to say, your avatar's context fits these forums quite nicely.
  7. So, funds are pretty limited right now and I'm forced to use AHA+ as my moisturizer. Well, I have no complaints. Nothing is going wrong, it doesn't burn anymore or make my face red. Are there consequences to this? I'm in week 10 of the regimen. Also, any recommendations for a moisturizer with SPF that would be good with the regimen please?
  8. I don't know how I ignored that, oops! And I definitely will mix my aha with the moisturizer now, thanks.
  9. Luckily I'm a hermit so the sun problem is out of the way.. however how often should I use AHA+, every 2 days right?
  10. I got school in the morning, don't want to take any chances with experimentation. Used it for my first time, 7 weeks into DKR, and it felt warm on my skin but didn't hurt. I simply put it after BP dried up but it didn't really moisturize my skin. I still had flakes, although not as much. I put on moisturizer/jojoba but my skin still feels a little bit.. dry, but not tight. How often should I use it also?
  11. You look great! I currently still have quite a few hyperpigmentation marks and scars, I just started using AHA+ right at this moment so I'll let you know what happens very soon..
  12. My friend used to have acne, until he started "getting some sun," and swimming. He thinks acne is that simple for people but it's not, we're both 17 now. He lost it at 16 without even doing anything, I didn't. I'm going to be 18 soon and it still hasn't stopped. Well it has now thanks to BP.
  13. I had to use vaseline for a week and it actually helped my skin. My whiteheads purged and left, but now that I'm using Dan's moisturizer it seems like my whiteheads are extremely stubborn. It's not something you can't take outside, sucks because it completely moisturized my skin and got rid of all the stinging from bp.
  14. I already have lightly tanned skin since I'm Mexican, however my neck and my ears are starting to look white compared to my face and I barely noticed it today. I use the acne.org moisturizer + jojoba oil. Will this tanning effect stop?
  15. >it was making my skin real dry that's because you need a face acne moizturizer, make sure it's non-comedogenic, etc.
  16. Did you use jojoba oil OP? The moisturizer doesn't stop flakyness on its own for me either, so I use jojoba oil and it solves the problem.
  17. I typed a very long reply, and decided to get rid of that "change your avatar" popup by clicking "remind me in a few days" and it refreshed my page... so long story short: Buy jojoba oil for dry skin; http://www.danielkern.com/category-s/28.htm. Don't use lemons, steaming your face is okay if you do it before applying regimen (don't let sweat get in your eyes, the bp will burn them), don't exfoliate because that's aggravating. Sorry for the crappy response, it used to be good..
  18. So I'm waiting for my new regimen kit to come in the mail, and since my moisturizer ran out I am currently using vaseline in replacement. I don't seem to be getting new acne. All of the whiteheads I have are just purging slowly, but I don't see new acne. I actually think my whiteheads purge faster with vaseline.. don't know why. It's a bit rough to glop it on which could possibly aggravate acne and I read that vaseline clogs pores, but maybe benzoyl peroxide + vaseline is OK since BP oxy
  19. Alright I'll continue for another month or two because I have to, dang it. It just sucks, I thought I was actually starting to do better. It's like whenever I get happy about my skin it rewards me with more acne..
  20. Just this morning I awoke with no new red bumps or whiteheads, the regimen was going well. Although I had small whiteheads on the side of my left cheek, they were going away and weren't an issue. I'm in the third week of the regimen, and all of a sudden tonight I have 5 red bumps on my chin all whiteheads, 5 whiteheads on my right cheek? I have something to do tomorrow, so I popped them all. I have no other choice. I hate popping my pimples. What else can I do, go to school with 10 whiteheads on
  21. I meant less moisturizer not BP :3 I think the moisturizer gets absorbed, the jojoba oil doesn't though. If I only use 2 pumps and 5 - 6 drops of jojoba my face is comfortably dry although the jojoba oil still makes my face shiny >.>, so that's why I use so much. I'm hoping my face stops being flaky/dry from unmoisturized BP soon.
  22. I use 3 pumps of moisturizer + 20 drops of jojoba oil at night or when I'm not going anywhere in mornings. In the morning I use 5 - 6 drops though if I'm going to be busy. Also I should note that 1 pump mostly goes to the sides of my cheeks/lower chin areas. I'm only about 3 weeks into the regimen, so maybe soon I'll need less moisturizer, but I can't stand the dryness and flakyness I get. It's not severe but it's annoying. Maybe I still need to get used to it more?
  23. Since I'm about 3 weeks into the regimen I use 3 pumps of moisturizer + 20 drops of jojoba oil at night and 6 in the morning at a very early time. I do use a lot of jojoba oil but it can't hurt can it? Without moisturizing I get very flaky and annoyingly dry skin so it's not an option. I think it's getting better though.
  24. Thanks for the info, now I'm thinking of trying this one: *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* What do you think? Apparently it has 14% alcohol and I can't find a "100% natural" witch hazel without some in there :\
  25. Seriously, not using enough BP is a major factor. If I don't overuse BP I continue to get acne, make sure to slather that stuff on to the point where it takes a long time to dry. And being as gentle as possible helps too, I've noticed.