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  1. Hi people, It's been a long time since I've posted here but I never forget the help I received and the comfort these forums gave me back when I really struggled with my acne. After years of suffering and trying close to everything known to man I made the tough decision to go on accutane, it worked great for me and I was clear for around 4 years. However over the past two years or so my acne got progressively worse and i could tell things were going in the same direction as last time. Th
  2. That is absolutely rediculas to suggest that accutane can be linked directly to you experiencing this condition. People on here who blaim all these phantom illness's on acctuane need to realise, a certain percentage of people in this world develop specific conditions, that's just how life is. Do you ever think there are alot of people on here who are strung between using accutane as a last resort or potentially harming themselves. They don't need to be hearing all these horror storys which have
  3. Hi people, im currently going to the gym with a friend of mine who trying to keep his weight down, we go religiously 3 times a week. I'm awaiting my dermatologist appointment next week and realise at some point I may have to go back onto accutane. I remember last time I was on accutane i stopped going to the gym and stuff because its suppose to dry out your skin and i can suffer from strech marks when lifting weights due to growing quicker than my skin can handle. So I guessed my skin being dr
  4. I've never had cystic acne, but my acne did get to the high end of the moderate stage around 5 years ago. Right now id say my acne is minimal but is still something which bothers me and looks like it could become worse. I have small white heads under the skin in the T-zone and black heads on and around my nose. I also get the a few nastie red spots on my neck each week. Thanks
  5. Am i right in thinking Solodyn is a minocycline which is a tetracycline antibiotic? Hopefully if i told him that he would give me the closest alternative available within the UK. How long did u take them for? Im guessing there only effective while you take them unlike accutane which works for years after. I just worry about the side effects of taking a antibiotic every day for a long period of time. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your replys siava, ive read the reviews and logs on Solodyn and it sounds like it works great for some people. My only worry is that this drug wont be available within the united kingdom (all of the reviewers were from the US). Is there any other name for the drug which my local doctor would recognise? Thanks
  7. I've been through endless topicals before, all of which made my skin worse is there any recommendations on antibiotics that i should try? I dont want to dive into another course of accutane if i can help it. Thanks
  8. Hey people, i finished my accutane course in Sept 2005 (the thread can be seen in my signature). Within the past few months ive noticed my skin is gradually getting bad again, small things like a build up of oil and spots consistently in areas they haven't been for years. It would seem my acne is returning slowly but surely. Im just after some advice, ive spent three-four months trying to tell myself im just imagining it and trying different products and methods of facial care in order to try
  9. Also i forgot to mention I get the small white bumps under the skin on my sides of my neck.
  10. Hi guys, i used to be a sufferer from acne, until i took accutane (nothing else helped for me, i tryed solving it for years) . Right now my skin is slowly but surely getting bad again and its starting to get me down again, i cant go through this all again i dont think. Ive attached an image and ill explain my problem, im just getting small whiteheads in the areas indicated. under my mouth they are just small bumps beneath the skin which when squeezed have a white deposit. If there not squeezed
  11. Been having some problems within the last few months when it comes to finding a moisturiser which doesn't make me sweat when im out in the sun or in a nightclub. I find myself sweating alot on my face and not at all on the rest of my body. I've tried going out without moisturiser on my face and everything was fine, so im putting it down to that. Im going away to Cyprus on Wednesday and i know it will get alot worse out there Wondering if anyone could recommend a product to me which decrease
  12. Just wanna say garden of wisdom have a great customer service department and do everything they can to help international buyers. Very freindly staff. Recieved mine yesterday,used it twice now just on my nose, i just wondered can it be dabbed onto the odd spot i get (ones a week or so) on other parts of my face, as i did with BP as i wont be using that no more. thanks
  13. You will never get them under control if you squeeze your nose The only way is the natural way. obvously not, natural methods never did nothing for my acne, so i know other things work. I dint pick my nose, im just saying characteristics of how my nose is.
  14. yeh i didnt have these untill like 7 month after accutane (i had them before accutane,but they could be squeeed out then). There not a huge problem i would just prefer it if i could get them under control
  15. I use clearasil cream conditioning wash, the only face wash that works with my skin. It never over drys and seems to be effective in keeping spots the lowest level