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  1. I'm not even quite sure what "type" of scarring i have, and yes i still have some active acne here and there. but what would you suggest i do to get rid of the scarring? there are just so many choices and i'm not sure what would be best for me, and the kinda scarring i have. dermarolling? subcision? lasers? or chemical pill? please comment/ help xx
  2. I'm 19 years old. and i'm about to be getting around 2,000 dollars here soon... in about 3 -4 months so i'll look into dermarolling, but you think i should stay away from lasers? ps. what do you think i should do about the active acne? i've heard about this red light/ green light thing thats suppose to be really good for getting acne to go away...
  3. so how should i go about treatment? the only thing i'm doing at this moment are taking B5 (10 tablets a day) i never really watch what i eat anymore... i did for awhile. but then i kinda just gave up, i''m also taking anti depressant pills. i wash my face twice a day with CeraVe hydrating wash cleanser and then put on some MSM cream after every wash and leave that on all day and night. i been wanting to ask my mom if she can help me start saving up money to get treatments done, first for m
  4. So i finally got the courage to post these pictures... i can't even look at them without crying my eyes out. i've NEVER picked at my skin and i still got left with scarring... it makes my heart brake. i'm just really depressed.. i have already lost all hope. I won't go outside, i haven't been out of my house for over a year now :/ i just can't get myself to face people. i feel like if i can't get this under control i just don't want to live anymore. what do you guys think? is there
  5. you know what's worst then acne? getting rid of your acne and having aweful scarring, and no i'm not talking about "red marks" (which will go away with time) i'm talking about pitted, boxcar, rolling, icepick scarring. I have no idea where to go from here. i won't leave my house because i feel so ugly because of my scars... i feel so depressed
  6. So i've been reading about anything and everything i can find on dermarolling, i have some pitted scares on my upper cheeks, and i've been looking into ways i can improve them. (i am a realist and i know they most likely won't fully go away but i'm looking to improve them as much as possible!) i just have a few questions before i start... What size needles did or/are you using? (where did you buy the dermaroller) I really don't want to get a piece of sh*t one :I If you've seen any impr