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  1. I still haven't got one single pimple since I've started this. I only have one non-inflamed clogged pore on my forehead and some blackheads, just like everyone else gets once in a while. As proof of this, whenever I used to wash my ears with water, I would get pain that lasted for 1-2 days. I thought they were sensitive to water so I had been dry cleaning them for the past few years. Whenever I picked my nose, no matter how gentle, I would also get sores and sometimes even bleeding. Now the
  2. You are definitely on to something here. I've been using a similar method to clean my nostrils and ears for 5 days morning and evening and I didn't get one single pimple since. Since I'm from Europe and don't have access to TAO, I've been using cotton buds dunked in colloidal silver. Unfortunately I don't have access to all those tools to measure, but I'll continue to do so for a month. I really hope you can continue with this research on your students and afterwards make it to a pap
  3. This is amazing info and shouldn't be lost in the lower topics. Bump
  4. The best thing I can think of is Triacneal from Avene. It has retinaldehyde, which is also a retinoid, and glycolic acid. You can buy it without a prescription. In Europe it's around 15 $. If you can't find that, look for any cream with retinol. It's almost acts like tretinoin, but you need a higher concentration (0.5-1 if I'm not mistaken).
  5. Male here, in the same situation. I've always been lazy and never exercised. After I started going to the gym 2-3 years ago, I slowly developed mild, but extremely persistent acne on face, chest, shoulders and back, I'd been on spiro for 4 months and it only worked at 200 mg/day. Anything bellow that did not work. It was amazing, it cleared everything, but I discontinued because my nipples started get bigger and tender. I couldn't risk developing boobs lol, so a month or so after I quit
  6. Don't take iron!! There are many studies that prove that: 1. iron is essential for bacterial development and growth 2. People with acne tend to have excess iron levels I don't remember where I've seen them, but google them.
  7. I can tell you that whenever I smoke weed my skin gets drier and the epidermal inflammation goes almost completely away. When I still had pimples, they would also subside. I haven't tested all the substances individually though.
  8. I've been using it topically with cotton pads half a year ago for like 2 months and my acne was gone. After that I've tried a caveman regimen that went perfectly fine only as long as I only washed my hair and body with water only and the face with absolutely nothing, but it failed because I've washed my hair with shampoo (I had to go to a hairstylist and I couldn't bear it going like that), and acne came back. Now I'm back to colloidal silver morning and evening. I apply it to cotton pads an
  9. I have no idea about Caesarean - related immune problems, but there have to be some studies done on the internet... My opinion on this matter: Since babies born that way have weaker immune systems it's highly possible! But in their case I don't think it's a milk protein they're missing, but rather something else... if they're not born naturally they have not absorbed enough nutrients through the umbilical cord (in the case of those born before their time) and need something else like glo
  10. A year is the normal period of time. Like I've said, there are many different causes, but I had acne caused by this and another reason is that my immune system was also weaker than that of a healthy human. I'd get a flu only by going outside in the winter, not matter how overdressed I was. Hormones are an entirely different issue. My acne was not hormonal because I never had oily skin, it's always been normal to dry (mostly on the lower part of face). Well, it did get oily but only if I
  11. Hi guys, I've come here to share a great solution for some people who have not been breastfed by their own mothers for the entire recommended period of time and, as such, their immune system was not able to fully absorb all nutritients needed to naturally fight infections. As many of you out there, I've tried everything besides Accutane and nothing has worked. Topicals would just make my skin red and inflamed and my chest, back and shoulder acne would not respond to them at all. My acne