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  1. Day 2: another good day, skin is starting to improve!
  2. Hey guys, I have a few open cuts on my face, where I have peeled the top layer of skin or scab off a popped spot, I know there are lots of people who have this problem as well and I wanted to know what tips people have to heal them up.
  3. So day 1 went well, i popped 2 small spots, but they had whiteheads, and apart from that i left my skin alone, v happy how did you guys get on today?
  4. Frenchie86, Great, let's do this together! I am exactly the same as you, I stopped picking my face and I managed to keep it up for 5 days and literally my skin went from absolutely disgusting to almost clear, you'd be surprised how quickly your face clears up once you just leave your skin alone. After the 5 days I broke out quite badly around my chin, but my skin still looked good, but I finally crumbled and attacked all my spots with my fingers, I was so annoyed afterwards, as in a matter o
  5. I have tried to set myself personal goals to help improve the appearance of my skin, e.g. A week without popping a spot etc. But I fail every time and it's got to the point now where it has to stop, my skin looks awful as a result of picking and popping my spots, so this is my final go, the 30 day challenge. If you have similar problems I encourage you to do it with me too, I will be posting updates daily on this post. Rules: I can not, under any circumstances, pop a spot without a whitehe
  6. Currently I am using 2 full pumps of benzoyl peroxide, and I'm finding that it is taking around 25-30 minutes to dry and be completely absorbed, as opposed to the 5-15 minutes that it is supposed to take. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, I let my skin dry for around 10 minutes after cleansing and I rub in the bp for about 2-3 minutes. Any advice? How long does yours take to dry?
  7. What about if I just used clearasil daily clear cleansing pads and moisturise? The pads will keep my skin clean and it's easy to do, I could just follow it up with a little moisturiser. Or do you think switching products is a bad idea?
  8. The way I overcame the flakiness of my skin was by using a technique by 'cool as kim deal' who originally suggested this on another post. Basically, BEFORE you start your routine and cleanse your skin, get about 10-12 drops of jojoba oil in your hand and then dab it on to your face to the areas which are dry and flaky (for me this was my entire face) then slowly and gently rub the oil in to your skin, gradually increasing the pressure. It should start to feel gritty, this is all the dead, flaky
  9. Thanks for the tips, do you think I can just get away with wiping my face with a wet wipe to get rid of the dirt and oils as an alternative to using a cleanser? And then I can just take a small amount of BP and moisturiser with me, and use that at night? I guess anything is better than nothing
  10. I've been on the regimen for a few weeks now, and soon I'm going to a music festival where I'll be camping so I won't be able to do the regimen for around 4 days, I'm worried that I might break out in this time especially because I won't be able to shower and It will be hot and sweaty. Also my skin is really dry and flaky because of the regimen, so if I stop using the regimen, will this get even worse over these few days? My current plan is to use wet wipes to clean my face and maybe take some m