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  1. Merric

    Works Great!!

    Works Great!!

    I mix Now Solutions brand grapeseed oil with Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly and use that as a moisturizer.  I use this twice a day after the acne.org's benzoyl peroxide treatment. 
  2. Merric

    Great Product

    Great Product

    I've been using this since July 2013. Works great! I'm happy with it. I love that it and all of acne.org products are vegan!
  3. Swollen Eyes

    This product isn't good for my skin anymore. They claimed they didn't change the formula, but it started to give me eczema a year after I started using it. I see a lot of people saying the same thing on this site. I wish they'd fix the problem.
  4. Amazing!

    I've been using this product since July 2013. It really works! My skin looks great. I'm so happy with this product.
  5. The acne.org cleanser and BP don't give me any problems. It was the moisturizer I learned that started to give me eczema. It was awful. I used the products without a problem for almost a year and in June I started waking up with sore eyes and it just kept getting worse and worse from there. I figured it couldn't be the BP, because I only apply it to my chin and lower jaw. I stopped using the acne.org moisturizer and started using Cetaphil and the eczema cleared up. Just last week I tried th
  6. Merric

    Finally Acne Free!

    I've been using the acne.org products for almost 6 months.
  7. My face July 21 2013
  8. I'm feeling ridiculously happy and hopeful! I've only had 1 tiny pimple pop up in over a week!