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  1. Alcohol isn't a problem for me. Probably not the best thing for your liver but I've gotten fairly drunk a few times since starting accutane. I've never felt more drunk than usual or anything. I'd say even a glass of wine daily wouldn't cause too much harm to your body, so you should be okay with a glass every few days.
  2. Hair loss can happen, but its not too common. If you are annoyed with your acne enough to take accutane, do it. However if I were you and had no acne on my face I probably wouldn't even consider accutane
  3. surfish

    Low Feeling On Tane

    Yeah. Might've jumped the gun this time. Thanks for the reply though
  4. Hello all, I am currently taking 80mg a day and am 1.5 months into my course. Today I realized I am going to be overloaded with homework this weekend and started to feel stressed (this is normal because I take IB classes fml lol) anyway, tonight my feeling was more of a low feeling. Maybe mild depression? I've never had depression before so this is totally weird to me. I really don't want to quit accutane because I know it's going to clear my skin. Would dropping my dose back down to 40mg help?
  5. surfish

    Accutane... Next?

    My personal belief is that if your acne negatively affects your daily life or emotional well being, then you should give accutane a try. There's no telling how your acne will react to more antibiotics in the future- it could get better, or maybe worse. I started accutane over a month ago and even though my acne has gotten worse, it's nothing I can't handle, and I know that by the start of next year it will be much better. If you can handle the initial worsening and the crappy dry skin and lips,
  6. surfish

    Absorica Begins (22 Year Old Male)

    I started breaking out about day 4 on 40mg absorica as well. All I can say is it will probably get a little bit worse (hopefully your derm told you this) but improvements come around month 3 or later. My skin is also dry around breakout areas so just find a good moisturizer and coat up after a shower. Feel free to send me a message man. I'm on day 32 ish
  7. Has anyone tried krill oil as opposed to fish oil? My lower back is feeling a bit tight when I lay down
  8. surfish

    Alcohol On Lower Dosages

    I got the same advice about drinking from my derm... However I have had no issues with drinking a little too much other than breaking out a little bit during the night. Before accutane I still broke out more than usual after drinking, so no difference for me.
  9. Extremely painful. I'm guessing because the tane is trying to purge more crap out which is why pimples are larger than normal. I got a facial from a special dermatologist which helped clear out all my pores but a day later I'm still noticing more breakouts than usual. Accutane
  10. surfish

    Accutane : Undecided About Staying On It

    Bad things can happen, as with any drug, but most of the time people are fine on accutane. I'm day 10 today and I was freaked out about the sides before I started but my derm said everyone he's ever prescribed accutane to made it out with extreme dryness as everyone does and a few cases of join pain. Personally I think I would go more crazy if I had to live with acne all my life than suffering through a few shitty months of accutane in order to have clear skin after. I would stick with it if I w
  11. Hello, I am day 8 today and have seen no improvement so far. In fact my face has been breaking out more similarly to your experience. The weird thing is that since starting accutane my problem areas before (cheeks) have been totally inactive and seem to be slowly clearing and fading whereas my clear area (chin) and around my mouth has seen constant new breakouts since about day 3. New pimples are also coming in slightly larger and definitely more red than usual, but they feel dry and usually don