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  1. hey guys. ive seen this web a long time ago . i said . i would go to the dermatologist and if that didn't work i would give acne.org a try... and well... here i am... the derma. just gave me some pills. which i drinked for about 3months didn't see a diffrence... now im just using the retin-A its not bad i've seen a very slight diffrence but its been 6months and i just can't seem to get rid of this or at least control it my regimen.. is cetaphil cleansing bar ... retin-A ... and cerave
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    Hi guys. I was wondering if I would start adding the AHA on my regimen. Which one should I buy? I'm looking at a forum and this guys is recommending ... Glycoderma .glycolic acid Complete Care Revitalizing Cream 25% from amazon. But I just can't find it. I only see eye cram glycolic acid 10% Can apply tha to my acne? I'm not going to apply it all over face like BP . Does anyone know and use another brand that gives good results?
  3. Guys thanx so much. I just bought my self some zinc vitamins hopefully that will help me a little. Tonight ill give the ice method a go! .. and yes I am going to the dermatologist but a month from now. Which is why I'm trying difrent methods until then. For now I am doing the regimen. But with over the counter products. I think they're working well but I feel my moisturizer. Well I can do better. For now I have ... simple hydrating light moisturizer.
  4. Hi. So I have this acne or cyst not sure what it is but is swollen from the inside and has no white dot or black head to pop it or suck it out. they hurt a little when I press them. I have about 3 of them (face) . So what do you guys think it is? And how do I get rid of it?? Its been there for about three months now. Dont know what to do!
  5. Update. I switch moisturizer to Simple hydrating light moisturizer It really worked for me. I apply it after the BP .it does give a burning sensation but it only lasts for seconds. And i really feel hydrated all day no need to reapply .Unlike neutrogena comb.skin. let me burning all night and didn't even hydrate at all. I just order jojoba oil. I'll wait on that and hopefylly things get waaay better as other pple have said!
  6. I've been reading that if I want to use a jojoba oil it must be organic. But ii canntt find itt anyy where. But online. But I wanted asap!! -.- I've tried walgreens walmart gnc vitamin shoppe nothing!! :/ but they do have 100% pure jojoba oil. Should I give that a try or will it break me out even more. I have sensitive kinda dry acne prone skin. Any suggestions?
  7. Thnx.everyone. You can tell i dont know much about make ups. Or really any product. Lol. Im new to all this. Bit after seen reviews and asking others. I guess im learning. I didnt wanted to buy big brands of make up. Dont really want to depend on that and spending soo much money. So i went to walgreens(again) . I returned my previous products. And i asked the cosmetic girl if she could reccomend me a good make up for sensitive skin that will not clogg pores. And she said. Covergirl.clea
  8. Thnx Cvd. Im guessing everyone reacts diffrent to every product. About that DML. You say your derm. Reccomended it to you so i guess i will have to wait till i go to my apointment on september. But on the mean time. I read a few reviews about . Oil-free moisture,combination skin, from neutrogeana. So i went and bought it. Not so happy with it since it leaves my skin very dry.(im actually wearing it right now). I was thinking on buying. The same neutrogeana but for sensitive skin. Or addi
  9. Hey guys. So im trying this 3 step bit with over the counter products before i go to the dermatokogist and before (hope wont need it afterwards) the regimen i think is dan's products. Anywho. Right now as a cleanser im using Cetaphil gentle cleanser BP .neutrogenas Cetaphil. Spf 50 moisturizer But i still need a moisturizer for the night Im thinking neutrogeana for sensitive skin. But i notice it has cetyl alcohol. In which dan put as an avoid ingredient Anyythoughtss?? ^^
  10. Thank you for the advised. I did tried a while ago bareminerals. But the powder one (from the Tv)..but it did not worked for me at all. It made my skib very itchy.and i just didnt like and had time for all the stuff i had to do the applying that is. But i just went on the web site you send me and im interested on this one .. BareMinerals Ready Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Have you tried this one??
  11. Since everyone here seems to have acne as me. I was woundering if i can get some reccomendations on waht make up to use!! Please. Im done spending sooo much money on makeup i only use for about a month b/c then i start breaking out! :/ i can give a list for what i haved tried but then again this would turn into a loongg blog. Lol But what i am using right now . primer. maybelline .instant age rewind. After cetaphil moisturiser spf 50 As the base im using magic skin beutifier BB cream( i
  12. Im goin to try removing it with some cotton balls thnx. For the tip. Has anyone tried make up forever??
  13. So im reading on how to clear up my skin. What to put on and how to wash. Which is what i already do. But what about on how to remove make up? And what make up to use?? Im 24 and had acne (volcano zits) since i was 20. I had got rid of it after i went to the dermatologist and he gave me benxoyl perox. 1% face wash. And it was great for about a year. Then i got pregnant and it came back and i started scarring. And i have tried sooooo many things until this day. but noo luck. unfortunatly i fe