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  1. It could be a bit of both. The BP is definitely stripping your skin of its natural oils, which in turn tells your body to produce more oil. The skin has a natural acid mantle the maintains a protective barrier, proper pH, and other natural factors that the skin needs. When you strip that away, you cause stress and imbalance to the skin. BP can be beneficial, if used in moderation, and usually as a last resort. Look for a gentle skin care routine that will remove excess oil without stripping the
  2. Ask your esthetician to use hard (stripless) wax. It is much gentler on the skin. Or you can ask her to apply a very thin layer of oil before applying soft (strip) wax. This can prevent the wax from adhering if too much is used, but a very small amount will allow the wax to pick up the hairs while providing a skin barrier to prevent irritation.
  3. These are all great. Glad to see you helped your body from the inside out!
  4. I take a multivitamin that has a special hair, skin and nails blend. I notice a big difference in my skin when I take it regularly. Look for one containing biotin.
  5. I agree with the above posts, raw honey is an amazing facial mask. I get manuka honey and add some essential oils to it- lavender, carrot seed oil, and geranium are all great for the skin. I also add a little clove essential oil as that is a natural antiseptic. Use minimal amounts of essential oils though! Good luck.
  6. My skin has always been better when I am taking fish oil.
  7. I have done various juice fasts and one including enemas. What I've found is that people look to a fast or detox as sort of a "quick fix" that can yield instant results. I never experienced results like this. In fact, I usually gave up on most fasts by day three because I did not see immediate results and I lost interest in it. I do think fasts or detoxes have a place and are useful. But I think for skin health and improvement an overall lifestyle change is necessary. You need to be willing to i
  8. I think E would be a better one to focus on as a supplement- it is great for the skin but I wouldn't use the oil itself directly on acne prone skin. It is better for a dehydrated, aging skin. Internally, however, it has many health benefits and I would first look at natural food sources like seeds, nuts, and leafy greens before using a pill form. Topically, you'll see better results for acne prone skin with vitamins C and A. Here's a link to my favorite C Serum- works wonders for the skin.
  9. The citric acid and preservatives are likely causing the reaction, not the aloe itself. I get a natural aloe gel at my local health food store that has no other ingredients besides aloe gel, and that's what I'd recommend looking for. It is food-grade aloe that is meant as a supplement. Look for nutrition facts or a daily dosage on the container, this will show that it is meant for consumption and therefore a lot healthier for your skin as well. Hope that helps!
  10. The first one looks great and I wouldn't worry about using it. Second one not so good- lots of chems like you said- the liquid parrafin could be especially pore clogging- it is basically vaseline. Any parrafin or petroleum product is highly refined and a a by-product of the oil industry. I don't know who had the "brilliant" idea of using this stuff in skin care- most likely some money-hungry CEO looking for a cheap filler for crap ingredients. It's not good for your skin. It will not allow it to
  11. I do it too but I've gotten a lot better. It's totally psychological- it's not about the skin at all. I used to pick a lot and I had to look at why I was doing it. Because I wanted great skin, and I saw each clogged pore as an obstacle getting in my way of that achievement. So if I got it out, I would have clear skin, right? Wrong. Of course it makes it worse. So much of the acne I've experienced in my life has been self inflicted. If I go camping or am in a situation where I can't pick or squee
  12. If they are rolled oats, you can eat them as they are. The process of rolling them flat uses heat and essentially cooks them. I've made power bars with rolled oats before that required no further cooking.
  13. I use coconut oil and butter for cooking. Both are ok when heated, I use olive oil for salad dressings. Make sure your butter (if using) is organic and ideally grass fed. The herbal tea I use can be found here http://thefearlessface.com/morning-detox-tea/ and I've also had great luck when drinking chamomile regularly. You can get everything at a local health food store or some things could be found online. Whatever you are eating, just try to make sure it is organic whenever possible.
  14. Chocolate is a great superfood. I've been skipping the chocolate bars altogether and adding raw cacao powder to my smoothies- that way you are only sweetening it with fruit instead of sugar.
  15. Yes, there are things that can help. Unfortunately these lines can be caused just by repeated facial expressions. Exfoliating the skin is helpful as is moisurizing, also think internal hydration- lots of water! If your skin is dehydrated these lines will be more apparent and develop more rapidly. Products with vitamin C are great and what I've found helpful are products with stem cells- these will stimulate new cell growth and create a plumper skin.