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  1. I try not to because I have trouble leaving things alone, and that's how I used to end up squeezing everything and turning mere blackheads into large, painful zits. I don't even turn the bathroom light on. My skin has seemed to age very rapidly and obviously in the past couple of years, but people somehow occasionally still think I might be a minor (I'm 28), so that reminds me that others probably don't see everything I do. I know I have some degree of acne scarring, too, but my mom has co
  2. Eating fat and protein with your high carbohydrate foods will lower the glycemic load. Fiber and acidic things (vinegar, lemon juice) might also help somewhat. Nuts have protein, fat, and fiber, so you could try eating some nuts before your cookie or fruit or whatever (nuts first so they're already in your stomach when you add the extra carbs). Bread eaten with butter or cheese would have a lower glycemic load than plain bread eaten alone, so pizza is already at least better than plain bread.
  3. I wonder if maybe you're getting too much polyunsaturated fat.
  4. For me, avoiding processed sugar and high glycemic foods seems to be the most important thing (although I made other changes, like eating lots of vegetables, quitting coffee, and lowering my omega-6:omega-3 ratio). It took several months for my skin to really clear up.
  5. I personally do not seem to have problems with unsweetened almond milk.
  6. I realize it's been a while since this thread's been posted in, but I just came across it, and I thought you should be aware that cassia cinnamon contains a liver toxin called coumarin. It could be a problem with the amounts you have been taking (or were taking when you posted this thread).