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  1. Hey ppl =) Soo I'm gonna order the trial kit from Skinbio to see how it works on my pitted & shallow scars. I've been researching it a lot lately and it looks very promising! I really think this has potential to work & I'm gonna stick with it. (& if not that sucks cause I can't really afford anything else!) But I'm still pretty confused about a few things and I'm hoping someone on this board can help me out... 1) I have Retin-A .25% sitting in my medicine cabinet, Unused... Wa
  2. U guys have to post back & let us know how it worked, I can't trust what they say on the website, they obviously are gonna say it works and all that lol. BTW Do you guys still have active acne? I do - hoping thats okay for the peel..
  3. If you have hormonal acne, what are your options? I'm 21 female, suffering from mild/moderate acne, mostly whiteheads some cysts. OTC topicals don't work, nothing I've ever tried has worked (why else would I still be here lol) Should I just give in, see a derm and be put on meds ? *Can't do birth control, trying to concieve!
  4. I'm seriously considering ordering this for my acne scars... I've never had a chemical peel or anything like that ever, and I'm kind of skeptical because I don't want to make my skin even worse! http://perfectcomplexion.net/cart/index.ph...;products_id=46 I've been researching about these peels but everyones saying different things... this product looks the most legit, but then again you never know. anybody have any opinions or experiences with these peels?? I'd really appreciate the help! t
  5. Theres this website that sells TCA chemical peels for like $40.. I'm really tempted to order but it seems like the side effects are really scary.. permanent scarring, crusting of your face for weeks after... I would pay more and go to a derm, its not worth the risks in my opinion.
  6. I'm looking for everyones opinions, whats been the best thing thats worked for you in zappin pimples fast? I'm currently using the mint julep mask but its not doing much, aspirin mask works decent as a spot treatment but its not practical... and nearly impossible to sleep in. So please any recommendations I'd really appreciate.. thanks =)
  7. My forehead.. because its the only part of my face thats generally clear, so if I do get a random zit over there i freak out cause Its the only clear area I have left lol.
  8. Love: - Oxy .5% Salicylic Acid Bar - Drys up existing pimples, and helps to prevent new ones, smells great, I use this 3x a day and doesn't dry out my skin at ALL, which is rare for me...love it. - Aspirin Mask - Makes my skin baby smooth after I wash it off, drys up pimples FAST. - Oil absorbing sheets - I'd be a walking greasepan without these, lifesavers. - Bore Pore strips - Use em 2-3 a week, they pull everything out. Hate: - Anything with BP - Flakes out my skin, makes me like 10 y
  9. I Take 50mg a day, but for some reason 5-10 minutes after I swallow it.. I puke, bad. I want to continue taking it because of its benefits...especially for acne, so is there anything I can do to keep it down? Thx in advance
  10. Nobody in my family ever had acne...infact, everyone in my family is blessed with perfect skin...It could just be hormonal, it is in my case.
  11. Is there a difference in the types of pimples you would get or amount?? And how long does the purging process usually last? I'm asking this because I've been using the nucelle serum for about a week and I was expecting to purge, they even warn you about that on their website... But I'm not sure if I'm purging or really just breaking out from this product. Theres algae in it...and it does cause acne for some people... So how will I know the difference? I have 3 very large cyst type pimples (w