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  1. If you can tolerate it, you can apply it nightly. Be sure to diligently wear sunscreens with SPF 30+. Watch out for excessive irritation and dryness. If that occurs, just use a bland moisturizer. Got it. Thank you
  2. It literally took me 16 weeks to get my skin calmed down. Im 90% clear now im getting there. This is the 2nd time i got cleared. The first time i did, i stopped using it so it came back. But now im really thankful of the regimen. And im using AHA now too its been a month now im really loving it. My question is can i use AHA every night as a moisturizer? Has anybody done this? Or does it only have to either be every 2-3 days and the alternately halfsies?
  3. 5% is not recommended for the regimen. Its just too irritating. You definitely need find a 2.5% BP if you really want this to work hun
  4. Still not clear im literally down dont know what to do
  5. Hi nicmic, is it okay if i spot treat my blemishes with AHA, wait for 15 mins and then put on BP, wait for 15 mins again and then put on the half AHA and half moisturizer? Is it okay to spot treat every night before the regimen and the halfsies? Isn't it too much cause i put half AHA and half moisturizer after BP every night. I wanna get rid of these white heads its been 3 days theyre still here
  6. Yes i did add AHA to the regimen. I put half of it and half moisturizer every night and im seeing little improvements. Its amazing
  7. I completely know how you feel. My sons have been on the regimen for 10 weeks and things were slowly getting better... not perfect and still breaking out, but getting better. Then last week my older son had a huge setback due to switching moisturizers and ended up with big inflamed pimples all over his face. In a couple days time it feels like we undid all those weeks of progress and are now almost back where we started. Ugh. Have you incorporated AHA? Seems like from reading other's stories, t
  8. Thanks. I hops we all get through acne its just evil
  9. Im 19. No i dont get cystic anymore but I have a few bumps and white heads here and there
  10. Right now im just feeling depressed about my skin. Its my 11th week on the regimen and im still not cleared yet. I only have 1 week left on the 12 week mark. This has just been emotionally draining me lately. I never go out of the house anymore since then, i dont wanna get a job bc i get physically conscious about my face. I literally cry at night because i cant do what i wanna do because my skin is stopping me.
  11. I've been using AHA now for the 3rd night. I use it every night. Half AHA and half moisturizer. So far so good, i didnt break out from it. I hope i stop breaking up real soon. My acne is just stoping me from doing something outdoors like getting a job. Im on the 11th week on the regimen now. Fingers crossed
  12. Yea mine too was runny when i mixed it with moisturizer but the good thing is it didnt sting on my face
  13. Yay for AHA i have asian skin too! My cheeks are literally filled with blemishes, red marks and stuff. Can i ask a follow up question how much did you put AHA in your face and how many times a week did you use it that made you break out? Is it okay to use it every night? Or should i just start at 2x a week in the first week and then continue to using it every night in the following week?
  14. Hey guys so i just started my AHA, i mixed it with 1 pump moisturizer and like 1/4 AHA. It felt so nice on my face, what surprised me was i didnt feel a little stinging or anything like that. Is that normal? I hope i dont break out tomorrow tho. Im on my 10th week of the regimen and i only have liiiittle bumps that aren't even obvious. Wish me luck guys.
  15. Thank you so much this is so helpful. I wanna ask a follow up question, do people always break out when they use AHA? Or is it only because they put too much AHA in the beginning of using it?