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  1. Hey guys I was wondering if it is a good idea to take a probiotic with accutane or if this is something you should not do? Thanks!
  2. Week 2 update! Feel free to message me about anything!
  3. Gina funny you mention headaches because Ive been getting some after I take a dose. They arent very painful at all, but they are somewhat noticeable. Is this normal? They dont affect how I go about my day, but I do feel them. Thanks!
  4. Here is a link to a new blog I started, check it out and spread the word!
  5. Derekrdavis

    Stay Postive

    Hey guys, Im new to this blogging thing so I thought Id just give it a try. Acne has been in my life for 6 years or so, and has definitely changed my life in many ways. I get big cysts, have oily skin, and occasional white heads, which makes me feel really bad about myself. Over the years through many different creams, light treatments, and some ridiculous home remedies, my acne is somewhat better than what it used to be. Right now I just started taking Accutane for the first time after tryi
  6. I go to Dr Chambers on Bethel Rd in Columbus. Its called Elite Dermatology and the people there are amazing and nice. Ive been going there so long they have given me free light treatments lol. After them telling me accutane was the way to go for son long, I finally listened to them. Im on day 3 now and am excited to see some progress!
  7. Ill Check with her and see what the plan is! Thanks guys, ready to finally free myself of this burden. Go Bucks! O-H! Any advice at all about what to do to survive this medication. Im talking like dry skin, or positive things to just help push forward with the medication. i heard it can be hell.
  8. Hey guys just started taking Accutane (Claravis) 40 mg and will be on for 3 months. Ive been fighting acne for 6 years now and have seriously tried everything, my skin would clear up for a little bit, and the acne would come right back. My dermatologist would always mention accutane but I was always afraid to take it. I finally gave it a chance after a lot of thinking and praying. Hopefully this is the answer and I can help some of you fighting acne as well. Acne makes us all very down, but