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  1. acnecam


    My journey through actuate, college freshman 19 years old. Started December 16th, 2013. Wish me luck!
  2. LOL it's been so long, just got lazy and busy so didn't really give much thought about the website. My skin is so great! Praise the lords haha. Skin is smooth all on my face, maybe one tiny pimple on neck underneath the skin. Neck does however have a bigger one, but its drying up nicely. Shoulders 1 or 2 pimples, back is clean as a whistle and chest 1 pimple with deep hyper pigmentation. Thats all I am worrying about now, I still have hyper pigmentation to deal with, but hey it will go with time
  3. Skin is feeling a lot more smooth! I don't feel any bumps on my face, they all seem to be marks or underneath the skin. Vacation was great and yes, I did get pretty burnt... Oooops... Now I am starting to peel like a snake, but it really helped with my body acne, it has dried it up a lot. Neck is the most broken part on me, a few bumps. I am on 40mg now and once I get a refill on my order I am going to 60mg, woo hoooo!
  4. Month 2 over! Face is looking great, one small pimple on right part of forehead and just about it on my face, a few one neck chest and shoulders. It's so nice to shave and not worry about hitting a pimple! No real side effects, probably because I'm at 30mg... Going on vacation to either the Florida Keys or Caribbean so we will see how I react to the heat and sun! I know I am suppose to stay shaded so I will try my best ( this is going to be so hard) .
  5. Went to the doctors today... Still at 30mg for 2 weeks until I go home and see my real doctor that actually knows accutane. Its so stupid, I went for my appointment and the stupid doctor did not even know accutane was a pill, he thought it was a cream... He didn't check my blood test so there was no point in even doing one! I insisted that my doctor at home only put me on 30mg just so I could get a feel for the medication. Hopefully upgrading to a stronger dosage in 2 weeks. Skin on face is pret
  6. Holy days go fast when I look back at this... Skin is getting better! I was a bit scared as I had been breaking out, but my neck and face pimples are becoming less red. I really would love to upgrade my dosage as I am still at 30mg... grrrrr... It's complicated because I am in school at a different place from my hometown so my new doctor said " I don't really know Accutane so I am going to keep you on 30mg for another 2 weeks". Isn't it your job to know these things? Frustrating, going to see hi
  7. Sorry it's been so long! So busy lately. Skin has broken out a bit since I last posted, one nice big red one on my right cheek and a couple on my right neck and one on my right chin, left side seems to be pretty good. Nothing to new for side effects, skin dry around upper lip and lips dry. Eyes aren't to bad, they were really bad a few days ago though!
  8. Not to much new today! Maybe a small pimple on my cheek. Dryness wasn't bad today. Body is clearing up a lot!
  9. Skin is looking great, I am noticing the pimples that come on my face are very small, good sign! Dry lips and hands, thats about it. I'll post pictures tomorrow!
  10. Skin is looking great, I am noticing the pimples that come on my face are very small, good sign! Dry lips and hands, thats about it. I'll post pictures tomorrow!
  11. Woke up today and really felt good about my face, it's starting to look clearer then ever, neck is getting there to. Body is kinda bad but it looks like its at work drying up to. Felt really dry in the morning, and as I type this I am having a bit of dry eyes. Feeling positive though!
  12. Today was good, even though I'm sick! Face and neck seem to be clearing up! Shoulders and chest aren't the best they have ever been but hopefully they will clear up in time! I've been in a lot of pain today because of my sore stinging nose from my cold and my stinging dry lips, ouch!
  13. Not much new today except I think my neck is slowly looking less aggressive and red. Side effects were pretty minimal today. That's all!
  14. Hmmm what happened today. Not to much actually, lips aren't that dry, eyes were dry for a bit but not bad. No new pimples. That is all I'll try to put up a picture tomorrow. Also feeling lot better today, more positive. When I want to cheer up all I do is watch the Shaytards on youtube!