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  1. Loma Lux acne is awesome. It does work. Check out there new wbsite. Acnepill.com.
  2. I called Loma Lux and asked them and all the ingredients in them are FDA approved. Homeopathic meds have to have homeopathic ingredients that the FDA approves. Check out acnepill.com.
  3. My friend used lomalux acnepill and it is awesome. You get 100 pills in the bottle and you take it once a day. She had acne so bad she did not want to go anywhere. Especially during the day. She has been taking it for a few months now and looks amazing. Try it. Why not?
  4. My friend uses the Loma Lux Acnepill and she really loves. It has cleared her skin while using it with her fav. face wash. You just need to be patient. You may figure it costs alot but you get 100 pills. Just give it a try.
  5. My friend tried it and it worked for her. You have taken it for a week why not take the whole bottle. I bet it will work for you if you stick with it. You wont get a miracle overnight. You must be patient.
  6. My friend has tried the Loma Lux Acnepill and she says it works great. She had to stick with it and made sure that she used the right dose. She still used her fav cleanser for her skin. Now she wont use anything else. The main advice is to be patient. You get 100 pills in the bottle and it is made by a derm. Check it out at acnepill.com Bye, Shellya