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  1. isnt Eucerin Skin Renewal Moisturizer for those only on week 4+ on the regiment? it has AHA in it, kindsa strong if u r new to the regiment... PS: havent been on the boards for sometime, maybe it was a different brand, kinda forgot. .. havent been on the board for bout 4 months, etc
  2. definately less than 7 days, i think... from reading the posts of most ppl, tho, some may extend to 2 weeks, etc, depends...
  3. From one acne sufferer to another, i feel for u man... :cry: (acne sucks! big time!!) PS: hope everythin is ok for ya in the long run man ;)
  4. hmmm maybe it was his Chest area that had the zit, .coz he said sumtin bout the gel running down his chest (when he sweated, etc) or sumtin... i think
  5. 5% ???? ...it shud be 2.5% 5% will burn rite though the skin, i used 5% once, and had to take a 1 week break b4 continuing with 2.5%
  6. start the regiment then.... it'll do wonders for the oil thingy.... ...
  7. :) ok, thx ;) ...its very re-assuring to hear that....
  8. Everytime i read though the forums, i just feel plain old depressed... why would a good-old-formula gel be CHANGED if it is not broken... ... ...very depresing to read it... it was even more depressing when i read Hukis83's post (the person who started this Thread topic), he/she posted exactly 1 year ago too (check the date): he/she was so happy/enthusiastic bout the gel EXACTLY ONE YEAR ago.. PS: phew, thank goodness i myself still have 1 more old-tube left in my cupboard, i hope it will la
  9. You are using too much BP, or you are not putting enough moisturizer, or you are using products your skin is too sensitive too... or u should try doing it 1x a day initially ..... (read the rest at your own risk) i alternate between Dan's Bp and another product called Himalaya Astringent Lotion.... for example: Dan's BP in Day, Himalaya at night.... and do this slowly till u remove Himalaya slowly from the list, and fully go on Dan's BP sooner or later, (after a few weeks or months...)
  10. i once read that having food stay too long in our stomack causes acne.. ..it was on this thread.. it was telling us to stay away from white bread..coz it stays long in our tummy hmmm...
  11. i started off 1x a day initially ...but it is not so advisable coz u are left unprotected for the next 12 hours, ←