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  1. Thank you! I hope my findings help others out. Everyone is so different, what triggers inflammation and angry skin for some is totally not an issue for others. I guess that's why there are so many different treatments, just wish I had landed on this idea first and not last. It was by far the least intrusive and easiest thing I tried to battle this monster.
  2. I'm running around the forums tonight telling people what has worked for me. I had cystic acne for 4 years, been on every med you can imagine (minus accutane- that's where I drew the line for myself for medical reasons). What finally worked for me, and I discovered this totally by accident, was that artificial sweeteners and coloring were at minimum a trigger for my acne (not sure why) and at worse the root cause. I can't say for sure what is at play here, all I know is I've been clear for 3.5
  3. If not by using probiotics, then how do you suggest restoring your digestive balance? Also, I try to eat as organic and healthy as reasonably possible but am still experiencing breakouts and oily skin. I really like the fruit and vegetable drinks from Bolthouse Farms. I drink one of them every morning. I just don't know what to do anymore. Bolthouse tastes great! Unfortunately the real amount of good greens could be much higher. Once I saw how little greens were actually in it I went out and b
  4. I just posted this in the "lifestyle" section, but I've been clear from Cystic Acne for almost 4 months now . . . the culprit . . . Artificial Colorings and/or Sweeteners. That was the only change I made in my diet and within a week things started healing, and within a month I was 98% clear. To say I was floored and ecstatic would be an understatement and I recommend everyone give it a shot! Worst case scenario you cut out some not so needed elements of your diet, best case, your acne clears
  5. I've been meaning to come here and report my findings in the hopes it will help others who struggle with acne, specifically cystic acne (though my findings may be helpful to everyone struggling with any kind of acne). About 4 years ago I started getting acne on the back of my head, and on my temples and forehead (I'm a bald 34 yr. old male btw). It became apparent that I needed some dermatological help and of course headed to a Derm. who (and most of you can relate) tried a barrage of diff