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    Hey I'm an acne sufferer and I will get through it. Feel free to add me as a friend and message me whenever you like if you have any questions. Have a great day/night.
  1. Hello. I've had acne for a while now and now most of it is gone. I am now left with red spots which I believe is Hyperpigmentation does anyone know any over the counter medicine that can help or any other treatment. Thanks.
  2. I have a huge pimple right in between my eyebrows. It is red but doesn't hurt. It's soft and squishy. Please can someone tell me what to put or do to take it of. Because school starts on Monday and I don't want to go to school with this huge thing. Any ideas. Should I ice it, apply heat, BP, anything.
  3. I have this pimple on my forehead. It feels soft and squishy like if there is liquid in it but there is not. It's been there for about a week now and hasn't gone away. I apply lots of benzoyl peroxide to dry it out. It seems to be working because its getting smaller and more soft and squishy. I don't know what type of pimple it is but if anyone can recommend something to try or should I keep on applying bp to dry it out?
  4. Thanks for your help. I will definitely take that into consideration.
  5. I'm just wondering if there's any way that I can sleep without rubbing my face on the pillow. I can't sleep upwards because I sleep on my side and my face touches the pillow. Can I do something about that so that my face will not rub and be irritated.
  6. Thanks for your advice. Ill let it fall off.
  7. I've had a whitehead for over a week now and I haven't touched it at all. It started off soft but now it feels hard like the puss inside dried up. Like if theres a little ball inside. What should I do? Should I pop it or let it fall off by itself. It's hard and dry.
  8. I was wondering if there are any other acne products that can be used instead of the regimen. Is there any other facial cleanser, and facial moisturizer other than the regimen. Any like neutrogena, cetaphil, etc. ??