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  1. Hi, i need some advice on where to purchase 100% TCA solution. I thought of purchasing from ANAIS but payment have to be made through credit card whioch i do not have. I found an alternative ebay seller and would like feedback from anyone who has purchase their solution here: http://cgi.ebay.com/4-ICE-PICK-SCARS-100-T...1QQcmdZViewItem Thanks
  2. Does anyone still buy TCA Cross solution from ANAIS ebay store, it seems that their products are removed from ebay with only a link to their main website ezpeel but the solution costs more on the site
  3. Hi, I would like advice from folks who have been performing TCA Cross on themselves on where to purchase reliable 100% TCA solution for TCA Cross. It seems that most folks are buying from the 2 main websites: 1) Perfect complexion http://perfectcomplexion.net/cart/index.ph...p;products_id=9 2) ANAIS I would like to know which will be the better one to buy from in terms of the effectiveness(good results from the solution). Thanks
  4. Hi jwg, may i know which esthetician are you getting the needling treatments from cos i am looking for someone to perform scar treatment as well. Thanks
  5. Hi ppl, i need advice on what to do with a scab from tca cross Around 2 months back, I did my first TCA Cross using 50% tca on 1 fairly large and deep boxcar scar, it scab up and fell off after 2 weeks. The scab fell off naturally as i did not wash the treated area or apply any thing on it during the whole 2 weeks. However, a few days later the treated scar rescab and now has been on my face for a month with no sign of coming off, the scab is a dark black colour and has a dry, crusted appearanc
  6. Hi, does anyone know if scars on certain areas of the face are harder to treat. E.g i have 2 small icepicks/pinhole scars on the area below the nostrils and directly above the upper lip, i was thinking about using 50% TCA cross but afraid that it would get worse since i have not heard of anyone treating this rare spot. Any insights are appreciated, Thanks.
  7. Hi, i would like to know opinions on the various scar revision techniques and whether its rate of success is dependable on the doctor's skill. E.g dermabrasion is highly dependable on doctor's skill like Dr Y. How about other techniques like subcision, lasers, etc are they dependable on the doctor's skill? I have some boxcar and rolling scars, some shallow and some deep which i am interested in having subcision on them. I have come to know of 2 doctors who perform this. one of them charges $200
  8. I am 19, asian with olive skin, had pretty bad acne last yr, stopped accutane on June and breakouts had stopped in September last yr. When i look at myself in the mirror in normal sunlight or in neutral lighting in my home, my skin tone looks pretty normal except for some icepicks and boxcars contributing to a rough texture. however today, i notice something strange while going 4 a haircut at the hair salon.While i sat in front of the hairdresser under fluoroscent lighting, i was absolutely sho