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  1. OKAY SO I have revamped my routine. I now (again) think that my clogged pores are fungal. Apparently I had a fungus problem around my mouth/chin when I was a baby according to my parents - I'm wondering if it has resurfaced as acne. Evidence includes: (1) clogged pores always seem to come back somehow, even while using retinoids. (2) oils (aka rosehip) makes it MUCH MUCH worse - this is the worst my skin has ever been, when the clogged pores probably caused by rosehip are surfacing (3) the com
  2. My skin is still super crappy. But it means the Taz is working! More and more comedones are becoming inflamed, mostly on my chin (and some between my eyes). It's been about 1.5 months so hopefully I'm about halfway done with the purge (I should begin to see results at month 3). In the past, I've been good results after about 4ish months. So we'll see. I started using the Andalou Probiotic cleansing milk as my AM and PM cleanser and I really like it so far. It's gentle and smells good and cleans
  3. My skin is majorly purging! Which is definitely good, but it looks terrible. Every day comedones become inflamed and turn into pimples. Some are small pimples with white heads, and the others are more cystic and take longer to go away. It's mostly happening on my chin, but a few have inflamed between my eyebrows. This is probably the worst my skin has been since early high school. But at least something's working. I'm also searching for a new cleanser. The CeraVe foaming is a tiny bit drying, a
  4. So I've been using the Taz for about 2 weeks (still just every other night) and I think my purge is starting. I have a few cysts and pustules on my chin and between my eyes. My skin looks gross and terrible and is actually painful, but I'm glad because it means my closed comedones are coming up and going away! A few comedones I've had since early September are currently becoming inflamed, and I'm so happy because I know it's the Taz working its magic. The only downside is my skin has been slight
  5. My skin was kind of red and irritated last night after using Finacea. I think it's too much right away with the Taz, so I've decided to hold off until my skin gets used to the Taz in a month or two.
  6. So, I've been using Taz 2 out of every 3 nights in order to decrease irritation. There doesn't seem to be dryness or irritation so far. I've been buffering it with moisturizer (putting Taz over my Derma E moisturizer) and using a humidifier at night. One comedones on my chin and one between my eyes seem to be becoming inflamed - maybe the purge is starting!! I also feel like my skin is smoother since starting Taz. I've only using it 3 nights, but this morning I felt my cheeks and they felt so sm
  7. I went to another derm. She said that I don't have fungal acne (she just looked at my face) and I am going back on Taz and Finacea. I'm started off with Taz 0.05 cream because I don't want to irritate my skin with 0.1 right off the bat. The Finacea is Finacea foam, which is supposed to be the gentlest version - also, I never really loved the consistency of the gel, it dried quickly and was difficult to spread. I am just started with Taz to see how my face reacts, and if it's not too irritated, I
  8. Since adding the rosehip oil into my routine, my chin has gotten way more closed comedones. I think it may be clogging my pores. I'm feeling super frustrated because I felt like my skin was actually getting kind of better with my hydrating routine (at least no new closed comedones were being formed) but now it's back to crap. I'm also wondering if maybe my acne is fungal. I'm on birth control that's good for acne, so I feel like it wouldn't be hormonal, and I've tried almost every acne treatme
  9. So, my experience with mild periroal dermatitis has caused me to completely revamp my skincare. I went to my derm to fix the rash, and she told me to cut out all actives (Taz, AHA, BHA) and just use a moisturizer and gentle cleanser, along with hydrocortisone cream for 2 weeks. She said even though I stopped using the LRP sunscreen, my skin was not able to heal the irritation is caused because I continued using harsh chemicals. Once the rash went away and I stopped using the hydrocortisone cre
  10. So, I think I have mild perioral dermatitis - a rash around my nose and mouth. I think it was caused by using a La Roche Posay sunscreen/moisturizer. But even though I stopped using it a few weeks ago, I still have the rash. I think I also made it worse by using the AHA/BHA gels instead of letting it heal. I stopped using all products except my Vanicream cleanser and Derma E moisturizer. I'm also beginning to use Fiancea and clindamycin phosphate lotion on the rash - hopefully this clears it up.
  11. I used the PC gels too many days in a row and my skin got super red, irritated, and bumpy, like with an allergic reaction. I think I started using the gels almost every day without giving my skin a break, which was not the smartest. Right now I'm letting my skin heal, just putting moisturizer on after cleansing. I will try to use the gels every third day or so and slowly build up a tolerance once my skin heals.
  12. Okay, so, even though my skin was irritated, I took a risk and put the Paula's Choice AHA/BHA (8% and 2%, respectively) gels on this week to see how I would react. (I mix them together and apply.) Wow. My skin looks so much better, and I've only been using them for 4 days. I don't know why I ever stopped using them - I think I just got sick of mixing them together and wanted a pad (Nip and Fab) that I could swipe on. Well, I forgot how well the PC gels worked - they are super hydrating along wit
  13. My skin is very irritated right now. I began using La Roche Posay products this summer (their Double Repair Moisturizer UV as a light, everyday sunscreen and their Purifying Foaming Cleanser) and my skin slowly began to get a rash. I stopped using the products for a few days and the rash seemed to get better. To see what would happen, I began using them and again and my skin got very inflamed and itchy. So, I stopped using both about 2 weeks ago and my rash is much better. However, my face is st
  14. My skin very much went downhill since my last post in March. I think a couple of things happened: 1. I stopped using Tazorac every night because I was using the gel, which was horribly drying for me. I was only using it every third night or so. 2. Extreme stress - my thesis was due in April, and I was incredibly stressed out from February through April. I think so much stress (and eating badly because of it) screwed up my hormones and caused my skin to clog. So, I ended up with a ton of clogg
  15. I'm halfway through my second pack of Ortho Cyclen. My skin is slowly improving I think! I haven't had any cysts that randomly pop up, just comedones already in my skin purging. So I'm still getting plenty of breakouts, but they're not massive cysts and I feel better because stuff is being pushed out. I hate feeling like my skin is out of control and breaking out for no reason, like it was before. My back is also still breaking out, but I feel like it's slowly getting better too. I think I'll be