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  1. I had taken doxycycline back in 2011-2012 for Lymes Disease... at the time I had moderate acne on my forehead and it literally cleared my skin up within a week! It was amazing! The only problem was, like you're seeing with your other medications, there are some side effects (gastric distress, lethargy) and eventually the bacteria in your body will adapt to the antibiotic and the acne returns. When I started to notice my acne returning I stopped taking the doxy and my acne returned full force. An
  2. I use Clearasil Adult Acne Tinted Spot Treatment. It has 2% sulfur in it an seems to work great on reducing the inflammation of any pimples that I get. Plus it's tinted to an orangey-nude shade, so I feel less ridiculous walking around the house than with the blue Clean & Clear version haha It definitely is less irritating than using any BHA+ spot treatments, so you won't need to worry about getting sunburned. I do agree with LeadingForce, you should be wearing sunscreen when you are using a
  3. I use La Poche Posay Effaclar which has a pH at 5.5. Works perfectly with my skin type (oily/combination) and doesn't leave my face feeling stripped after I use it in both the morning and nighttime.
  4. Hey there... I use airbrush makeup. My mum bought the Dinair Airbrushing system about 2 months ago and let me tell you... my skin has been glorious since then. The makeup is all water based and you need so little to get great coverage. It's a bit pricey at first, but once you get over the initial cost of purchasing the machine, it honestly pays for itself. The makeup refills are only $12US and if you use the correct amount it should last you a good while. I only use 6-8 drops of the makeup and i
  5. HI Albert it's nice to meet you You can read my post from another thread that may be some help to you!
  6. Hey there! Sounds like you are on the way to developing a good regimen. Most of the things that you are trying to avoid are good, but not completely necessary. Touching your face will not necessarily cause acne, but keeping your skin as clean as possible is always a positive thing! I can tell you that talking on your phone will not cause acne... You would literally need to slather your phone in dirt or oil to even have a small chance of contaminating your skin. Changing your pillow case if defin
  7. **I have no connection with the Clarisonic company. This review is completely based on personal experience!** Oh my gosh guys let me tell you... I have found what works! I received the Clarisonic about a month ago (for Hanukkah for course haha) and I was so nervous to start using it. I was terrified that there would be a purging stage or that my skin would become super irritated or something disastrous would happen. I could not have been more wrong. I received the Mia 2, which comes wit
  8. Aczone works wonderfully for me! I started using it four months ago, along with another topical medication, and it wasn't working. As soon as I started using it on its own (about 1.5 months ago) it started to work wonders for my skin. I do not get full on breakouts anymore and any blemish I do get is barely noticeable. Everyone is correc t when they say that it doesn't work for non-inflammatory acne, but for any inflamed pustules and papules... it was my magic cure. Just make sure that you r
  9. My boyfriend has pretty bad acne on his face and back... Doesn't change how I feel about him or how handsome I think he is. Honestly, I find him one of the most attractive people I know regardless of his acne. So no... it doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  10. Hey there! First off, I wouldn't say your acne is severe! Definitely in the moderate zone, but not completely overwhelming your face Your doctor prescribed some heavy duty medications. Tretinoin cream and clindamyclin will make your acne worse before it gets better. It's called the initial breakout. The creams will start removing layers of your skin causing all the bacteria under your skin to creep to the surface (your skin cells will be turning over quicker than normal). As a result of that yo
  11. Sheseido Oil-Free Matifying Serum... works like magic. I use prescription acne topical medications as well and this moisturizer has really helped my skin. It's completely non greasy and moisturizes my skin without making it feel like I'm clogging my pores. It makes my skin feel hydrated and well taken care of. It has no scent or skin irritants (actually it only has about 7 ingredients in total), which minimizes any chance of breaking out. It's kind of pricey (35$/bottle), but totally worth it.
  12. What acne...?? Am I missing something? lol
  13. BHA of any kind should help reduce those skin colored bumps. They are closed comedomes that over time become inflamed from the pus sitting underneath your skin, hence why they surface as angry pimples. I recommend using Paula's Choice 2% BHA+.
  14. Just wanted to post on here to answer my own question.... Aczone works! Took a million years for me to see a difference, but I stuck it out for 4+ months and I finally am getting the results that I want. Lest be known that I am only using Aczone now (not the other cream in my signature) and when I cut that out, I started to see results. Therefore my recommendation to anyone who wants to use Aczone is to use it for 3-4 months on it's own THEN judge whether or not to add another product. I regret
  15. Gluten, soy, dairy, and caffeine free diet Things I do eat on the regular (everything is organic BTW): White fish (tilapia, cod), chicken, sweet potatoes, every kind of fruits and veggies, almonds, almond butter, almond milk, eggs, smart balance as butter substitute, Koala Krisp gluten-free cereal... I don't really stray from those foods. My diet is very limited only because I choose it to be that way. That was an ok list right up until the last two items.Smart balance is an organic conglome
  16. Hi everyone... I just got out of the hospital. I was in there for two weeks. I initially went to my psychiatrist for a regular outpatient appointment, but upon evaluating me he gave me an ultimatum. Either I get a higher level of care or he would give me 30 days and then drop me as a patient. Seeing as I can't afford to NOT have psychiatrist, my mother drove me to an inpatient center near where I live and I was immediately admitted. Turns out I was severely dehydrated and was sent to the ER
  17. I take 9g (powder form mixed with water) 2x/day. It can cause nausea, which I am experiencing, but I went off of it for a few days with no improvement so I don't think the Inositol is causing it. I do not have PCOS, but I have read many studies about it Inositol being extremely helpful for those who do have it. I'm still hoping that it will kick in a bit and help with my OCD. I guess it takes a while for your body to build up enough to actually make a difference. Virasyl is a supplement with
  18. Okay so update from the past week and half... I've only been able to leave my house on three occasions. Every time was with my boyfriend, except for yesterday night I went to see Mortal Instruments with my dad and sister, then i went out with my boyfriend. It's been extremely stressful being housebound because of my skin. My parents have seriously been on top of me with everything and it's starting to drive me nuts. I mean their over speculation has some warrant. I have/continue to lose a lo
  19. I am taking the Inositol 18g powder form at night. I'm not sure if it's helping with my acne yet. I'm mainly taking it for my OCD to see if I can use it as a substitute for Lithium. It's said to work in the same way (intracellular), so I'm hoping it helps with that. I also read that it helps many women with PCOS to reduce their hormonal acne flare ups. I'm happy to take it for both conditions and will let you know if I see any difference in my acne. It's only been a month I believe since I start
  20. This has made such a huge difference for me! And I mean instant, drastic results. Hope I'm not speaking too soon, but Fluoride containing toothpaste could be the cause of chin acne for many. Hope you get the same results I have!
  21. Lithium is a mood stabilizer. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, among other issues, so Lithium helped keep my moods stable in order to function normally. Yeah, it really sucked losing all my hair. It's growing back just as thick as before though, so I'm happy about that!
  22. LEAVE IT ALONE! By all means, do not try to pop that pimple. Even if it does pop, I guarantee you that another one will appear in the same region. The bacteria spreads in the dermis, especially by your mouth because the skin is so delicate there. You can ice it, put some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on it plus a spot treatment of your choosing. Also, taking an NSAID (advil, etc) can help with some inflmmation. Unfortunately the best thing to do is just leave it alone and hope it goes away so
  23. No Lithium Carbonate 300mg capsules/tablets. I'm not on it anymore, but i basically lost 3/4 of my hair because of the drug. I also suffered kidney damage and drug induced diabetes from it... Was greatly helpful to mentally stabilize me, but it wreaked havoc on my body unfortunately.
  24. Normally any drugstore cleansers with a chemical in them (be that BP, SA, Sulfur) will yield minimal results. If you want a no nonsense, gets the job done cleanser I would recommend La Roche Posay Effaclar (I use this product). It removes makeup well and my skin feels and smells clean after I use it. I wash morning and night and only need less than a dime size amount. It foams up nicely which is great if you have oily skin. The scent is light and clean (no added fragrances), which will minimize
  25. Gluten, soy, dairy, and caffeine free diet Things I do eat on the regular (everything is organic BTW): White fish (tilapia, cod), chicken, sweet potatoes, every kind of fruits and veggies, almonds, almond butter, almond milk, eggs, smart balance as butter substitute, Koala Krisp gluten-free cereal... I don't really stray from those foods. My diet is very limited only because I choose it to be that way. That was an ok list right up until the last two items. Smart balance is an organic congl