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Hello Lovlies...

My name is Rosalie, I'm 18 years young, and have suffered from acne for the past 1.5 years. Although acne has only affected me for a "short" period of time, I have dealt with emotional and psychological pain for quite a while regarding my appearance.

On a lighter note, I have multiple passions that include animals, sports, helping others. but most of all I love to read. My dream is to become a book editor for a major publishing company and help spread the art of literature to all those who share my passion. Through all my suffering, there was never a time that I couldn't escape the pain for a while, and immerse myself in a good book. My kitties and puppies also provide me with their own kind of therapy. Animals are the only creatures capable on unconditional love in my opinion, and I love them just as much back!

If anyone ever needs advice, to talk, or even vent... I am here 100% to help. I know and understand how hard life can be, and am here to offer any support I can! We are all BEAUTIFUL people despite what the world may tell us!