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  1. hi jenya i'm 15 years old and need desperately help about my scars. i've been having them since i was a year old so im ready to get rid of them. hopefully we can stay in touch :)

    1. Mery

      Hi, Jenya

      I would like to know if u still have the improvement from the saline injection please let me know i live in CA :)

      1. My question to you guys is why are you trying to bring the cyst to the surface rather than trying to dry it out and not have it come to the surface at all. In my experience that will not leave any scaring.
      2. Hello I just wanted to add another success story with treating a HUGE dent from cortisone with saline. I had saline injections done by DR. Sire in Orange County and then proceeded to have a friend do them....I am so grateful to him. I have documented my story on saline treatment along with pictures and instructions in one of my posts if you care to look it up. I would really recommended you guys to try saline treatment because if it helped my giant scar it will deff help you with yours
      3. Guys it is permanent.... I cant say enough what a blessing this treatment has been for me. I really recommend anyone who is interested in trying this, as there is virtually no cots to this. Check out my thread on saline, I also have before and after pictures up. I have received about 95% improvement and have stooped the treatment over a year ago. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=50475
      4. That might be because I had a very large indentation. The scar stayed at skin level for about a week.
      5. Yes, I do refrigerate the bottle. Jenna please read my post on saline injections. You will not see any improvement until about 3-4 month..when the collagen starts building up. And you really need to aggravate the tissue by creating a large bump. I have had about 9 treatments spaced a week..then 2 weeks apart..then 1 month apart and have great improvement. You can see my before and after in that thread. Dr. Sire said you should start with 1 week apart. Then start to spread them out.
      6. Hey glad to hear you went for it! Yes you most definitely can use the same container until you run out. You can also use the same needle all over your face for that particular injection treatment. How much saline did you use. You really need to use a lot in one scan to create a HUGE bump! But don't worry it will subside in about 10 min. Hope you see improvement.
      7. If you've researched him and the procedure, and think you might want to go for it, I think its definitely worth it. Especially if you say he is supposed to be the best, Coleman charges 500 and its hard to get an appointment he is so overbooked. I have seen Coleman and paid 250 for a consultation. You actually do learn a lot from it.
      8. I agree, and this has been said many times.
      9. Jenya


        That is also the problem I have been having regarding this procedure. It just does not make sense that he would not publish studies on a procedure he has been claiming success with in the past ten years. I fail to see it as a problem. Jasmin, you are in CA, you don't have to travel far, you have been complaining about this for the past 6 month, by this time you would have seen great results. Ive asked him about it actually, and he said that the medical world isn't as interested i
      10. Jenya


        I had a friend who is a nurse perform the injections.
      11. Jenya


        Ahh I know exactly how you feel! I am so glad some of you guys are getting this done! It is such a simple yet effective procedure. Its been about a year since Ive done this, and my improvements have been awesome. I would say 95% and it is permanent. I noticed great improvement after about 6-7 sessions and stopped at 9.