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  1. Hey InsanelyOily, No I have not found a cure for my oily skin yet. For the past year I have kinda just tried to move on with my life and forget about it but it recently it has been bugging me and I also have alot more free time these days so I have been doing some more research and then today I read your message. I actually have a bottle of guggul sitting around my house that I have not tried before but I think I will start to use it now. I still take 5g of B5 everyday and I am on bactrim DS
  2. What made you think of trying this? Before using zinc, how long would say it took for oil droplets to appear on your skin?
  3. Oily skin is caused by DHT. There is a new topical DHT inhibitor called clearogen. I have no idea if it works or not I have only had it for 1 day. I have heard of people getting rid of their oily skin taking internal DHT inhibitors. However I dont know how dangerous this would be especially to a young developing male. Females have all kinds of hormonal treatment options like ravenblack mentioned.
  4. Okay, I went to my naturopathic physician and I need to get some tests done to check my cholesterol. My cholesterol has been high in the past but I havent had it tested in a while. He said the Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil was good but take 5 pills instead of 4. He also said the EFAs arnt needed so im not going to take that anymore. Still taking the b5 and Bactrim. He said that to reduce cholesterol, he would give me something that started with a P but I dont know what it was. Anyone have any Id
  5. Sweetjade, This isnt Holistic but what do you know about scaring? I have what I think is a vascular scar above my eyebrow. I showed u it before. I had two Vbeams done on it but it hasnt gone away. I dont think it has improved at all. Is there any sort of cream to make it go away or reduce the redness of it? Or any other procedure that you know of? Also im going to see a plastic surgeon on the 11th for a second opinion. I am also seeing a naturopathic physician on the 11th to figure out what I
  6. Yeah Vbeam is supposed to work but it hasnt yet for me. Other than that I dont know of any other treatments for it. How long have u had urs? Im going to a plastic surgeon on the 11 to get a second opinion.
  7. I have what I think is a vascular scar on my forehead. I got 2 Vbeam treatments and it hasnt helped at all. It is red and flat and I think deep. It came from a cyst that I popped and then it scabbed and the scab fell off in the shower and made a big hole in my head. The hole flatted out but it stayed red. I also put toothpaste on it to help heal it. That was stupid! Its been red for over a year. I tried doing some weak lactic peal which didnt work. I not doing any peels though becuase that could
  8. Bookcase


    beenthere, How long did you have the hyperpigmentation from the boil, before using the product?
  9. Just got my b5 I will be trying that now........I think the EFA is helping, my oil is still there but not as thick
  10. Sweetjade, Since B5 increases the amount of Coenzyme-A, then could I just take pills of Coenzyme-A? B5 DID work but just not enough. I am trying to find a way to make it more effective. Why would it be bad for you to take like 20g of B5? It may a little difficult on your liver, but it cant be that bad. I know people that practically drink alcohol every night of their lives and their liver is fine. I dont plan on taking 20g, I am just curious. Anymore suggestions anyone that I can take to dec
  11. Okay, So I began taking Total EFA from Health from the Sun vegetarian. This http://www.musclemaster.net/vegetarian-efa.html The ALA is converted to EPAs by the body. I take 1 and a half tablespoons a day. I cant say the beta sitosterol has done much so I think im going to stop it. My new B5 still hasnt come in yet....they are taking way too long! I may try some guggulsterones like these http://www.iherb.com/guggulsterones.html nothing is seeming to work though....................
  12. If I took a high amount of GLA and EPA would that throw off my balence of omegas? Or is that only said for dieting reasons? As long as it is not harmful. Also would liquid make a huge difference in this case or not?
  13. Hey, I am still taking the BSS. Its been 5 days now. The first day I took 4 pills then after that I started taking 6 a day. Thats 720mg of BSS. I take 4 in the morning and then 2 after dinner. I do feel a bit dryer. Usually by about dinner time I feel like I must wash my face. I havent been feeling that way lately. It seems as if it is a little dryer each day. Today I wasnt able to check it though because I was outside sweating all day, so it threw off the timing of when I would check my oil.
  14. Hey, I have a question. What is in EFAs that reduce sebum production? I have read alot of post that say it has worked. I am trying to find out what kind to buy but I dont know what to look for. Is it the GLA? the ALA? the Vitamin A from fish oil? The flax seed oil? What is it? I dont know which product to buy.......