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    I love to workout. I enjoy the simple things in life, I'm obsessed with makeup & YouTube! :)

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  1. Missalexcee


    Tried the regimine for about three months, didn't workout. So I went to a derm & was prescribed minocycline . My skins in better condition then when I first had acne!
  2. Quitting the regimine..

  3. Missalexcee

    The regimen

    I'm using over the counter products but with the regimen guidelines!
  4. Missalexcee

    Day 58

    Thanks girl.. Going makeup less has been hard. But I guess as long as I have mascara on & my brows somewhat done ill be ok, even tho I LOVE makeup! Makes me sad cuz I spend a shit load of money on it . Now it's just sitting there! Oh well, I'd rather have clear skin & I hope this shit works. If not then I'm going to flip out lol. & ya AHA broke me out 1st time using it. Now I'm doing it every other night mixing with moisturizer/pea size of aha with like 3 drops of jojoba oil. I th
  5. Missalexcee

    Day 58

    What in the hell happened. I was clearing then BAM. Shitty skin 11th will be 2 months, two months of what feels like straight breaking out. Ugh. When will it stop. My skin is starting to flake again.. Nnooooooo.. my neck is still dry & tight & itchy. I just want to rip my skin off ... I really really really hope it stops.. Soon...
  6. Ouch! I'm sorry man. This looks like it hurts. Hope it turns out ok
  7. Has anyone's neck got like this from the regimine? Mine is SUPER dry and tugs when I turn my neck. I don't understand
  8. Sending positivity your way!

  9. Missalexcee

    Day 54

    Hello guys. Right now before I go to bed, I'm letting the moisturizer/aha/jojoba oil sink into my skin. And let me tell you, yes I had a BAD breakout with the initial application of AHA but now it's clearing up, FAST. My skin looks smoother and my complexion is evening out and the flaking is pretty much gone !
  10. I'm sad, I think my skins purging even more from the AHA. I only use it 2-3 days out the week going on a week I think? , PEA size amounts too... My. Skin looks worse than when I started... Minus the forehead. How long is this gonna last? I'm sad... Lol pics with headband: first started & now
  11. Missalexcee

    Day 48

    So I'm breaking out, BAD. I think this is the "purge" everyone's talking about from the AHA. I'm sad... Pics say it all
  12. Hi! I'm on my 7th week of the regimen & broke out in week 5. I'm slowly clearing but not really.... Not sure how long it'll last either. But so far I'm going on two weeks