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  1. Mil0


    2011. 4 Years since my last pictures. You can go back to see the progress from my other albums which start at 2004. Jake.
  2. Jaxin

    Cheers friend, so how ya been doin:)

  3. My scalp for sure, although Maybe not the top in case i go bald! lol
  4. hey every one i just have a question i am starting the regimen today and i have a question about applying the bp after the cleanser. i can only get my hands on the cream type bp 2.5 (i have been using bp for a while so this type is ok for me) i wanted to know if it is recommended to apply the bp to the whole face, or only on certain areas? any feedback would be appreciated, thanks mil0
  5. Mil0

    Jan 07

  6. I know where you're coming from mil0. It's real easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. You probably feel like you're not good enough for the person, and are embarassed by your acne/scars. Truth is you don't know anything about the other person. You can't place them on a pedistal like that, they are not better than you, they are a person, just like yourself. Try not to get caught up in looking at their physical features. They may have good looking skin on the outside and loo
  7. as i said before, even if they did accept me for who i am, i wouldnt be able to if they had clear skin, it would make me feel uncomfortable to have a breakout, even if i be re assured they dont care..
  8. Mil0

    tx dude. cheers to you. :P

  9. Jaxin

    bro your officially "for reals" the best thread yet.

  10. hmm ok many time i have heard people on this .org saying "i would feel more comfortable with a boy/girl friend that has acne or scars as opposed to someone completely clear and has been". i have this same view but the thing is, i never meet any girls like this i would feel so much more comfprtable, but instead i feel myself sort of hiding parts of my face or always facing my other side of my face to them when i talk, simply because the thought of them seeing my acne/scars/red marks and them
  11. the way i read it, its just how you would think of yourself. not comparing to a model or anything. with acne - 7 without - 9
  12. yeah thats the same with me exactly. i have tried before to stop using bp, to help with my red marks but if i stop i break out in a couple of days. Yarg!!!
  13. Mil0


    this is some close ups of my face...ughh
  14. yeah it makes my red marks more prominent i agree. and i get shaving rash bad on my neck which looks like acne anyway...