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  1. I know its really hard but try not to wipe the oil off your face. I tried everything the doctor threw at me for months on end and ended up going to see a specialist who told me before i tried anything else i had to detox and let my skin adjust from the drying effect of previous medication. She told me that because i was wiping the oil off my face throughout the day and putting on drying alcohol based creams my skin would just overcompansate and over produce oil and the acne would just get wors
  2. When you go to buy a concealer rub alittle bit onto the palm side of your wrist and that will give you a good indication of if its the best shade for your skin tone. Leave the patch on for at least an hour to see if the concealer lasts a good amount of time and also to see if the colour changes at all or if it wears off quickly on to clothes. Boots do a really good Tinted moisteriser (no7 range) that lasts all day and evens out skin tone and you dont really need to use a powder with it. If you
  3. Try "Biore" (i think thats how its spelt) My skin cleared up quickly and there was no drying effect, you can buy it at Boots. Avoid putting any washes that contain Alcohol on your skin, it will induce your skin to over produce oil to cancel the drying effect of the alcohol and before you know it you are back at square one. Those "clean and clear" and simular washes are more for short term goals for people with only slight blemishes. Remember everyone is different and your body will react dif