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  1. That was an excellent post. I agree that focusing on your acne, having negative thoughts, stress, etc, will make your acne worse. Indeed, when I'm active and not worrying about my acne, it abates. But I don't believe people have acne, or other aliments, merely because of negativity. I believe there is an initial physical problem that may be brought to the fore by many things, and that postivity and not concentrating on your ailments can either help abate the problem or keep the problem under c
  2. Generally, I'd put this down to your body not being able to break down protein well enough. You could go on the diet and eliminate all 'dirty' protein. I agree that some proteins are harder than others to break down, especially if they've been interfered with. But I believe the body should be able to break them down, like everyone else's body can do. If it is your body's inability to break down these proteins, like I believe, then you must work out what is wrong with your body. Bare in mind t
  3. I found fatigue to be a side effect of mercury poisoning. It started out as me just being a bit lazy, then i was really quite lazy, then i didn't have enough energy to go out with my friends.
  4. If you also experience lethargy, headaches, and general ill-health after eating salmon, it could be to do with the quality of the salmon. The WHO reported that fish contains the highest (or perhaps th 2nd highest -- i can't remember if dental amalgam beat it or not) level of mercury out of all the things we come in contact with. They get it from all the toxic waste we're dumping into the seas. If this is the case, either there's too much mercury in the salmon, or too much mercury in your body -
  5. The first to flushes I didn't throw up. The third I did. I don't think it's related to your liver being healther.
  6. Nice to hear it's working for you. I followed a different procedure and got around 100 stones out in 4 flushes. But now when I do one I only get around 10 green stones. My skin and general health was initially amazing. But after a while it became apparant that there was something else upsetting my skin. I found this out to be my gut health. Please let us know how you continue to feel and the state of your skin, and thank you for the post.
  7. I had a lot of success with this diet. I started off on raw tuna and salmon, but due to mercury contamination I soonstopped. So I started again with raw egg yolk. I felt amazing after a while, even though I was really quite thin. But the thing is: you can't do this diet forever. I don't believe some people are just unable to process fats and protein well. I believe there must be something wrong with the body, and the key to ridding oneself of acne and improving mental and physical health is to f
  8. I came to same conclusion a while back. I also did the spit in a glass test and it came up positive. I'm currently taking acidophilus in tablet form daily to combat candida. Has anyone had any success fighting candida like this?
  9. My objection was not to the thread, which i think is very useful, to but the title. Tha nks for chaning it. It may help more people this way I wouldn't bother getting wound-up about people not liking your advice. It's really not worth it. I've done liver flushes that have helped, but not cured me. Some people just dislike that kind of non-scientific advice, refuse to believe it and refuse to try it for themselves.
  10. Oh, and please don't create threads with shitty titles like this again.
  11. I came to the conclusion I had candida a while back. My debilitating fatigue, IBS, brain fog, mood swings and acne all indicated I had candida. I've also been on a course of antibiotics. I started off with the anti-candida diet, but couldn't keep it up. Now I'm trying probiotics -- acidophilius in tablet form as I'm unsure how effective probiotic yogurts are. I'm down to about 2 spots, and I had severe acne at one point. I believe my candida is due to mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings
  12. Toxins, basically anything that's not good for the body, are removed through bowel movements. So it's little wonder you break out; however, I have around 10 BMs a week and that suits me fine -- it's actually quite good compared to my past. But everyone's different. I used to suffer from constipation, and as soon as I overcame that I felt great and my acne abated somewhat. There was a thread a while back claiming raisins helped their acne, and a few people confirmed this. Raisins are mild laxat
  13. Just to add something. I wouldnt say diet is THE cure to acne. But a healthy diet, with only an moderate intake of wheat/yeast/sugar, will help. And in certain cases, like when you've got a yeast infection, cutting down on sugar/yeast/wheat intake WILL help kill the infection and will thus improve your skin. And anyway, did you miss the holistic part for the forum title? It's not all about diet. This was such a waste of a thread. A thread warning against totally cutting out essential miner
  14. It took me a while, I was taking activated charcoal that may have worked, but I didn't notice any dramatic results. I'm now back to what I was feeling like before the probiotics experiement after taking quite a lot of chinese chlorella (good quality that hadnt picked up mercury in its natural environment) which is suppose to attack the mercury in your gut (helped my conspitation as well even when extremely strong laxatives werent) and pulls mercury out from other regions as well. Anyway, as th
  15. Hey, if you're suffering from mercury poisoning and have a yeast/candida infection, when the probiotics break out the cell walls of the yeast infection mercury is released. This happened to me, and it made me feel the worst I've ever felt in my life. I had to quite college for a while. So when taking the stuff, look out if you start feeling really bad. Saying this, I know people with mercury poisoning and candida who seem fine. But anyway, I thought i'd post just in case.