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  1. I have suffered from mild acne since I was a teenager, 1 or 2 break outs a week. I recently started using a new face wash with lactic acid and found every morning I was waking up to liquid filled bumps on my face (1 or 2) so I switched to there glycolic acid and glycolic acid scrub made for acne. Still getting liquid filled lumps (2 or 3 per day). I had super dry flaking skin on Sunday and had a hens party to attend so decided to scrub off the dead skin. Caused some damage but I feel that worst
  2. I’ve been getting these tiny white dots on my chin, they’re not raised. They look like tiny pores but white. If I squeeze them they squeeze like a white head and they’ll all go, but they come back within 2 days and the whole cycle starts again! Ive tried everything but they just keep returning! Even if I don’t wear make up. What is it and what can be done? Im on spironolactone. Terrible photo but they’re so small it’s hard to get a photo of them! I have my tongue behind stretching the s
  3. I came across this on Facebook and have read amazing reviews but I’m still a bit skeptic. Has anyone tried it? It’d be fantastic if it does work! [Cotton And Gem Acne Scar Remover Cream]
  4. I've been on Spironolactone for the past 1.5 years for mild acne. I'm currently on 100mg a day and up until 4 months ago it was beyond perfect, it didn't matter what I did to my skin it was always clear and perfect the next day. Now, even with looking after my skin I always have 1 - 3 pimples and most last ages...I'm so confused, its worse than before I went on it. Is there any purpose on still being on it?
  5. I know in the grand scheme of things I have nothing to complain about, but this pimple is driving me nuts and hoping to find other ways to try and get rid of it! Pretty much it was a tiny white head to begin with, I got home from work and was in a sequeezing mood. I squeezed this tiny white head and was satisfied, only issue is it ended up developing into this nasty huge zit that hasn’t budged for 3 months! Admittedly the first month it would fill up and have a big white head, so I’d squee
  6. I’ve decided I finally want to treat the acne/chicken pox scars I have left (predominately on my chin and on my cheeks). I don’t have bad scars but I hate them in certain lights. I’ve been assessed by numerous dermatologists and recommended different treatments. At the end of the day I’d be happy with 10% improvement (though aiming for more than that), my biggest concern is it making the scars worse or creating new ones. Treatments recommended (all are different dermatologists) - Fraxel
  7. Oh my goodness...I am so so so dry today. I never should have mentioned the oil on my face as now I have 0. The inside of my nose is so dry that it physically hurts, my throat is so dry that no amount of water seems to help. My lips are flaking like crazy still, my skin is dry all over. My body is also very very try, I am sweating less too. No new pimples...but still blackheads.
  8. Hey, not much change honestly. I get a few very small pimples from time to time but no big ones. My lips are still very dry and flakey! It was really embarrassing the other night as I could feel the skin hanging off my lips so I had to keep excusing myself. I have a really sore back which apparently is a side effect of tane. I am a figure skater, cheerleading/dance coach and work as a primary teacher, so it's hard to pin point if this pain is related to tane or just my insane schedule at the m
  9. Hello, Yeah I am eating them straight after dinner
  10. Think I am up to day 11. No change. No break outs, my lips aren't that dry. My face is pretty normal honestly. Still a bit oily during the day though. One thing I am getting is a cramping in my stomach during the day time. It's not horrible, but its an annoying sort of feeling.
  11. Are fillers done at dermatologists? I will still be on roaccutane during my wedding.
  12. Not much to update on. I had a little pick which caused a few red areas. Stupid of me, but I am going through some stuff with my mums health and got upset. For some reason it just seems to calm me...been so good these past two weeks! I have a question about acne scars. My face was so clear up until this year where for some reason everything was scarring. I have been left with two big big big holes in my face from not even a pimple, a bloody mosquito bite! Regardless they didn't heal and I hav
  13. Thank you so much! My lip swelling has gone down! Thank goodness. Everything is still the same. My lips are not very dry today (still a little bit more than normal). How are things with your skin going?
  14. Thanks so much for everyone sharing their stories too! Please continue to share and update me, as this process was incredibly scary for me! My mum doesn't know I am on this drug as she is so against it. Day 8: I had huge headaches last night, got a huge swollen lip (only on one side) which took ages to disappear and several anti inflams. My face is an oily mess. I got home from teaching (I am a teacher) and it looked like I had put my face in oil! I was horrified. Same thing occurred today. T