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  1. My acne gets worse with Salicylic acid. I just ordered the Acne.org products because what im using from the derm isn't working ;( Thanks! Have you tried salicylic acid based products? I had a hormone imbalance problem about a year ago and had similar breakouts on my cheeks & chin. A salicylic acid wash really helped, and niacinamide cream helped fade the left over marks. I also use benzoyl peroxide only at night and that has helped SO much. My skin did look worse before it got bet
  2. Hi guys. Nothing is working. On spiro 25 mg and rx sulfer wash. I am in my late 20s, and have been breaking out like this on my left cheek for about 3 years now. Please- any info will help thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I have started posting a few times, but I haven't really got much feedback. I have on-going severe acne mostly on my left cheek only. (Yes - I clean my phone and change my pillow case) I reached almost 100% clear skin with tamanu oil....seriously.....for a few months, and now its back and not going away so I went to the Derm. and got 25mg of Spiro , a RX Sulfer wash and Atralin gel samples. Its only going on week 2 but my face is still inflames and red and broken out. I am los
  4. No it came back while I was using it. It is a great oil - look into it. It had me 100% clear for a long time
  5. I am SO confused by my skin. ALL feedback is encouraged. I had clear skin up until a few years ago, now in my late 20's I have constant breakouts on my cheeks , jaw and chin. Rarely ever able to pop. SO....I said "F" it...and started using Tamanu oil all over my face every night...my skin cleared up 100% !!!! THEN....IT CAME BACK. and worse...... So now I went to the derm. (w/ no insurance...awesome) And was prescribed Spironolactone (25mg) and Sodium sulfacetamide sulfur cleans
  6. Hey everyone. I went to the derm. today and got a 25mg of Spironolactone and a prescription face wash. I am a little nervous to take the spironolactone, I didn't know it was a blood pressure med. I was told this wouldn't mess with me but I am kind of wigged out. Also, when I take this is there anything I should expect? If I stop taking it is it just going to come back if it works? I have so many questions! Please, if you have been on this please let me know how it is for you / any
  7. Thanks everyone! I figured I had to see a doc. now. I should probably get my hormones checked. :\ I really appreciate all your answers!
  8. Hey all. I am in my late 20's- Female- I started breaking out BAD about 2 years ago. Only on my chin cheeks and jawline, which I always read is hormonal. But its not just around that time of the month, its always. I have tons a hard cystic acne, rarely ever coming to a head, now scarring (and I don't pick) and leaving marks behind. It's MOSTLY on my left cheek and I wash my pillow cases, and clean my phone all the time. I've tried everything from Expensive brands, cheap brands,