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  1. sorry to hear that i know the feeling when you don't get results and spend a lot of money :/, thanks for the advice i was thinking about the peels so confused :(
  2. hello everybody Im so confused about what to do with my scars and honestly Im so scare about the laser Im 30 years old my short history: 18 years old acne treatment: antibiotics, benzac gel 24 years old accutane 20 mg for 6 months 27 years old obagi full set 3 sections of photo laser, 2 quimical peels, 1 microdermobration 29 years old accutane 40 mg 1 year its been 6 months since i finish accutane my doctor say i can go a head with the fractional laser i did research, and most d
  3. im at the end of my second treatment of accutane, and im despered to start working on my scars i know i cant go for lasers or peeling yet but at least open to get suggestions of creams or natural treatments thank youuu :)
  4. scarsss thats on my mind -_-

  5. hello everybody!!! i going though my 7 month of accutane 40 mg, im confused because i been seen diferent doctors the first one told me to take 3 month of 40 mg, i took accutane 5 years ago 20 mg during 6 month but i supouse to take it for 8 month but i stop it (i know bad) my acne returned after 2 years but it wasnt like before, last year star been worse as before so i decided to star looking for accutane again, so i seen 4 different doctors the first one dermatology, told me 3 months 40 mg,