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  1. just be patient im sure they'll fade soon =) were you flushed while on accutane? i wasnt flushed when i was on the low dose at the start but when i got bumped up to 60mg per day thats wen the flushing started. my scars glow red sometimes too wen i get flushed and be in the sun. its better than it was while on accutane tho its jus annoyin :eh:
  2. Hi guys i've been off roaccutane for about 4 months now and i was jus wondering how long it is supposed to take for these red marks to fade. they are usually not too bad except for when i am exposed to the sun for a period or when i get really hot and flustered. they take a few hours to calm down and seem to be the scars from previous acne i have had. but why do they only show up sometimes?? aaaaa confused as my skin has been so good besides these. should i go back to the derm??
  3. cheers thanx! 206 bear--em i'm in the uk where r u ? if your not in the uk there is no point in me telling u where i got my b5 powder cos you will hav to pay shipping and its quite a lot
  4. it can affect your insides i was very 'bunged up' for a long time during my course and now i'm off ive lost a couple o stubborn pounds i had gained on tane. i can go to the toilet normally now too!! and my stomach doesnt gurgle!!
  5. HI any of you used this?? i'm currently using it on my face as i'm wanting a bit of a colour all over my body but not sure if its comodogenic?? what ingredients should i be wary of with moisturisers??
  6. i've been taking about 4 teaspoons so thats about right. quite impressed so far with b5 but its only been 2.5 weeeks so not sure if its jus coincidence at the mo. the powder is horrible !! you need to jus knock it bak with some juice and then take a sweetie to take the taste away!! i managed it with a hangover today so you'll be fine! em side effects- jus running to the loo really lol!! be careful prob best to take it with your food and dont go 4 a long drive jus after taking it!!!!! ha ha good
  7. come o somebody must know who also takes the powder?? bump
  8. dont think 1 pill a day is enuf! it reccomends takin 10g a day to begin with then to lower the dose as acne improves. if your taking 500mg capsules that means 20 per day not sure about powder cos i'm confused how much powder =10g??????????????????????????
  9. no cos i have a massive tub of powder i forgot to order a scoop i am such a dumb ass any ideas anyone????????????
  10. there r no replies because your on the wrong forum. As B5 is an over the counter vitamin you should go to the 'over the counter medications' forum !!! there is lots on b5
  11. hi guys any of you who take 10g B5 powder per. day how many teaspoons does 10g equal?? I've been taking 3-4 teaspoons of B5 to try and take 10g is this right?please help
  12. cutiex0x0 have u tried vitamin b5 post accutane?? i am currently trying it out after accutane to try and keep my sebum levels on low i'll update on my progress so far so good only two tiny zits in about a month there is lots of info in the over the counter bit
  13. hi pal i'm not long off my accutane course and i'm taking B5 to keep acne away even tho i prob dont need to but its not harmful so hey! i'm going to play it by ear but if my acne comes bak i hope i will be allowed a 2nd course too