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  1. Thank god. Thanks a lot, you just took weight off my shoulders.
  2. Can you tell me which one it is. It's weird because when I get very close to the mirror they look flat yet when I'm a bit away there's a shadow that makes them look pitted. And basically will they go away with time and Aha. Ty
  3. I'm itchy by my cheeks and eyebrows. It sucks because I already do use jojoba oil in my moisturizer so that probably isn't it haha.Good for you though for fixing it. I'm gonna just take it easy for a while.
  4. Ok story time. So pretty much In my sleep I scratch my face Involuntarily which leads to newmpimples and increased irritation. Now putting benzyl peroxide on my irritated face doesn't seem like the best idea because it burns like hell. So I will wait until my face returns to a healthier state. Is there anyway to prevent myself from scratching my face in my sleep because it feels like I'm taking one step forward two steps back. Now granted the regimen has pleasingly been working on my face slowl
  5. you started off too quickly. first start off by mxing the moisturizer with the Aha and applying that twice a week which means every 3 days. Then bump it up to every 2 days. You want to build up tolerance so you dont irritate your skin! Good luck and also i would take like a one day break from the bp becuz it seems u irritated ur face
  6. i have the pump 16oz version of the Aha. I don't really know how much is good for my face since Dan says a thin line but i cant make a thin line with a pump. So i just use half a pump of Aha with a full pump of Dans moisturizer. is half a pump okay and should i use 2 pumps of Ds moisturizer but i feel it would dilute it too much. So far my face is reacting the way its expected.Its turning red and burns after application which i know is normal. Thoughts?
  7. Hopefully it works out for you. And no i've never felt my face get hot or have a heart beat. I had a pale complexion as well. Man this is so frustrating, i hope it works out for both of us.
  8. So its been 9 weeks, My last post was addressing the same issue however its less severe now. My face is red to the point where it looks sunburned. It actually looks ridiculous because its red all over except my eyes so it looks like i went tanning with my glasses on and forgot to put on sunscreen haha. My skin is also still very flaky. I use 2 pumps of Dans moisturizer with 6 drop of jojoba oil, that does the trick for 2 hours then my face starts feeling dry and the flakes just burst out. My ski
  9. I already do wait at least 15 minutes before applying the moisturizer. I got the AHA and Jojoba oil a couple of days ago. I haven't used the AHA because my skin is still very irritated. I've been using the jojoba oil but no luck. Im still very itchy, dry and flaky even after multiple applications of the oil and moisturizer.Anything else I can do or should I just stick it out
  10. Dan i think its a good idea, but what about the customers that rely on the auto shipping? The price would remain the same ( the $5 auto shipping) but the product price would increase , if you implement your plan,thus posing a disadvantage to those specific consumers. Its tough, you can't please everybody.
  11. So i've been using the regimen religiously for 5 and a half weeks. I know that in the first 2 weeks, irritation is expected, but im still experiencing it. My skin is ridicuously flaky. I use the full 2 pumps of moisturizer and even reuse it during the day. My skin is also super duper itchy. I don't know what the probem is. My skin is somewhat red but its not swollen. This is really aggravating because i look like a snake that's shedding. I recently ordered the Jojobal oil and AHA . Im hoping the