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  1. The stone dissolvers are not necessary but can improve the results of a liver flush. However, if you are going to use them you should also do a liver flush. You won't get any clear benefits from just using stone dissolvers.
  2. I also believe that mercury can possibly cause candida overgrowth and poor digestion. These will then cause acne. Mercury has also the ability to fuck up your nutrient metabolism totally and you won't then get all the important nutrients needed to maintain a healthy skin. The problem is that mercury toxicity is very hard to prove with tests because a low level of mercury in test results doesn't necessarily mean that you don't suffer from mercury toxicity. In fact, it can be the exact opposite on
  3. Don't worry about the kidney cleanse there's absolutely no need to do it. My estimation is that only a relatively small percentage of people who do liver flushes are also doing kidney cleanses. The toxins that are released go straight through you if you just take care of bowel cleansing. I know it's confusing at first but after you have figured how to do the flush it's a piece of cake. It doesn't make a difference whether you fast for one or three days. I have tried both ways and the results ar
  4. You are 100% clear! Congratulations!
  5. I only lift some weights and can't really say that i have noticed any specific affect on my acne. And i don't use steroids!
  6. Wow, really inspiring story. You seem really devoted. I also eat an "extremely healthy" diet but I can't stick just to vegetables cause I would loose too much weight. I also exercise so I need fulfilling meals. I also agree that when looking at the symptoms you used to have, you have had all the signs of candida overgrowth. I wouldn't usually say that acne is caused by candida but those are exactly the symptoms that I have read about people's experiences of candida. The fact that you have trou
  7. Has somebody used both of these products? Does OxCgen work similar way as Oxy-Powder and is it as effective? I have been using Oxy-Powder and I really like it but OxCgen would be quite a bit cheaper option.
  8. My blood type is AB (1%). I must be very special. Thanks for the info lauryn.
  9. Great news!! I did my 2nd flush yesterday and it was a success! I flushed lots of 'stones'! I can't wait to get all those cholesterol bastards out of me. Hopefully it will then boost my liver and help me conquer acne.
  10. Too much olive oil can make you feel really nauseas. That's what happened to me. I woke up at 1 am and had to vomit the olive oil outta me. I felt extremely relieved afterwards even though I knew it ruined my flush. Next time i'll try with 1/2 a cup of olive oil. Hopefully this change will make my flush successful. That amount is still quite much when you take it in empty stomach.